Village of Pulaski By: Erin Lemin

They are changing the legal limit of dogs per household from two to three.

Want to improve the fire trucks.

Want to approve payment request on ambulances.

Citizens want to improve the bathrooms at Memorial Park.

Want to improve minutes for board meetings.

Fun things to do in Pulaski: Go to smurawas, go to the Pulaski Museum, and hike on the trails.

The issue I chose is about dogs. The Village of Pulaski now allows three dogs per household. Before this issue was in play, you were only allowed to have two. The dogs you have must be licensed and not be aggressive. I agree with the choice they made for a couple reasons. I think you should be able to have three dogs unless they are working dogs and are needed for something. Also, I think that you should have the ability to keep a litter of puppies if your dog has given birth to a litter. Therefore, I agree with the decision that Pulaski has made.

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