How has 21st technology changed the world and how do they function? What do drones look like, do, their purpose and how are they benefiting humans? How do Modern day robots look like and how do they work? What were the major breakthroughs in the 21st century in Tech?

Have you ever used things like youtube, facebook, or maybe your video game system that you love to play? We use a lot of this stuff every day and it makes our lives much easier. We can, contact each other, show that delicious meal you ate, look at cat videos or show your friends your major league gamer side. The point is we use this stuff each and everyday, to help us. This is called Technology.

Technology is machinery, devices and their programming it’s probably well known that this is what is going to be in our future. Even I have also used technology and I’ll bet all of you have too, maybe a phone, computer, or a drone which many of us have had fun with, but there are so many more things Technology can do for us.

I have found many awesome things about technology, I learned about how drones are used for film making, how robots help other people, and all the big things that have been developed.

First of all what are drones? They can film, fly and basically are mini helicopters. Drones can fly and can have cameras attached to them, so some drones have been built to record some of your favourite moments from the best elevation and angle which is why they appear on professional film sets all around the world. A drone’s main function is to fly, so they use propellers to fly and these days drones were improved to be more accessible, which is why it can be something that is easy to obtain so you and your friends can have fun.

Others would take drones potential to the max! Some would go mountain climbing or biking and take awesome shots of themselves. Some drones don’t have to be in the air, some have wheels and are used for racing and can go up to the speed of 8.7mph and can jump up to 75cm

Although some people use drones for illegal flying and spying so there have been ways to deal with them, like things called the Skywall which can either launch a net and catch the drone or it can send out an EMP blast which is an acronym for electromagnetic pulse to disable the drone’s connection to the pilot. So many people encourage people to use drones to have fun or educate instead of using them illegally

Cool advancements in Tech
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