The Sport of the Century! Soccer the Game of Legends

BY: Aidan LaPann

Are you Ready???

I am going to teach you about the game of Soccer!! A professional sport played about everywhere.


To play soccer, you need to know what it is of course, so... Soccer players are not allowed to use their hands, that’s why in the UK they call it football. The ball is different than in basketball, baseball and, tennis. The original ball is white with black spots, but they can really be any color. Soccer is a sport that is professional in South America and the UK. It’s not a very complicated sport.

They Need You! Or you need them!!

You can’t play soccer with just grass. So I am going to, tell you what you need. By all means, to play soccer you're going to need a soccer ball. But, you’re also going to need a net, gloves, kleats (sneakers with spikes so you don’t fall), shin guards, not only, a team shirt (so you don’t get mixed up with the other team), but also, mouth guard. That’s what you will need to play soccer. Shin guards protect the area below your knee to keep you from getting kicked. Those are the things you're going to need to play soccer but now you need to know about the rules!

Soccer team shirts


You can’t just go picking fights with random kids cause you think it’s okay, because it’s not. The rules are very important, because if you don’t follow them you can get kicked out. The most important rule is no hands!!! Some more rules are, no pushing For example shoving, with your hands. An important rule about throw in’s is that you need to have your feet flat and next to each other, because if you take a step the ball goes to the opposing (the opposite) team. Another rule is if you kick the ball past the goal the goalie gets the ball. If someone on the other team kicks it out by their own goal, your team gets a corner kick by the goalie. So, if you’re going to play remember these rules.


From all the things I just told you all together you might have a chance to win, but a few more things. To win your, going to need the proper strategy (A plan). The best strategy, in my opinion is, to send the offense (The person in front),and the midfielders ( the people in the middle) out to get goals. You want to have fast people with good kicks getting goals but, make sure that that they're not afraid to get the ball. The defense (the person that protects the goalie), to stay in a line with the left and the right being a little further up then the middle left and right. The defenses should be people with good tackling and blocking skills. Then, there is the goalie. He/she should keep in position and never get distracted. The goalie should be a person with good focus, and good hops. That's what you need to win.

Soccer Field

"Maybe they hate me because I'm too good" -Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santo Averio

Cristiano Ronaldo is a Forward in a the Portugal National Team I picked his quote because he has won 3 of the FIFA world player of the year and he is one of my favorites


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