Being Social is Hard Katelyn Alvarez, Nicholas Burns, Jace Thornley

What is Social Psychology?

Social psychology is the study of human interaction and its challenges, and the effect these challenges have on people.

  • Environment
The environment and interactions at a party are DEFINITELY different from those in a work setting. Parties tend to be very crazy and social, while a work setting is usually very professional and formal.
  • People You're Surrounded By
When you're around friends, you tend to joke around with each other and let loose. They're not as much pressure to be someone you're not when you're around your friends.
  • Stereotypes

How would you describe this person in one word?

How would you describe this person in one word?

How would you describe this person in one word?

Challenges with Interaction and Communication

  • Background
People raised as only children tend to be more self-centered, but that is not always the case. People raised with many siblings seem to be quiet and reserved, caring more about others, but again, this is not always the case.
  • Another example of people's backgrounds affecting who they are and how they interact is the difference between people raised in southern California and people raised in or near New York City.
People raised in southern California are usually more laid-back and relaxed.
People raised in or near New York City, on the other hand, are usually very rushed.
  • Preconceived expectations
  • If you're expecting a positive outcome, you will have a positive attitude when interacting. On the other hand, having negative expectations will leave you with a negative attitude.
  • Stereotypes
  • One example of stereotyping is feminine vs masculine stereotypes and expectations.
Girls are commonly stereotyped to be very emotional and weak.
On the other hand, guys are stereotyped to be very tough, and they're expected to not show emotion, lest they be considered weak.

What is the goal of human interaction?

The goal of human interaction is companionship.

  • Family
People look for loving affection, encouragement, and comfort from family.
  • Friends
Friends are there to celebrate the good times with you...
... and they're there to comfort you during the bad times.


Ms. Flores

  • How does the presence of others affect people’s personalities, actions, and the way they interact?
  • "Influences from friends or from other people are just very important to individuals and that's the way they kind of act."

Ms. Rose

  • What are some challenges of human interaction?
  • "I'd have to say some challenges with human interaction would be that people can create drama or violence when there's no need for it."

Ms. Monohan

  • Why do people crave companionship?
  • "It's human nature to seek out others to share joy, sadness, and celebrations. It's part of who we are."


All in all, there are a lot of challenges with human interaction. These challenges range from the way we were raised to the type of people we're interacting with.

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