Martin Luther: God's chosen one or the devil's chosen one? Casey byrne

Martin Luther had a mind of his own, and this picture explains how he spread his thoughts. The picture displays Luther putting up his 95 Theses in Wittenberg in 1517 for the people to see and learn from. This picture showcases Martin Luther as a sinner because the two observers behind him look scared and worried. This tells us that by posting his 95 Theses, it just caused fear and confusion for the people. Putting up his ideas, the 95 Theses, went against the church as the ideas was going against what the church was doing at the time, such as the indulgences in which people bought salvation. Therefore, this image reflects him as a sinner.
In this picture, a group of what looks like noble men, including Luther, are discussing Luther's ideas, possibly his 95 Theses in which might have morally improved the church or his hymnbook. It could also be his German translation of the Bible in which was done when he was sentenced to death by the Diet of the Worms and was saved when he was kidnapped by his uncle, Fredrick the Wise, and had time to translate in hiding. Luther is revealed as a saint in this picture, for the men seem to be agreeing and getting along. Also, the men seem very interested in what Luther has to say, as if they want these ideas to be known and spread. These men would not be intrigued if it was bad for the people, showing Luther as a helpful saint.
This picture is of Luther and His family together on Christmas Eve, 1536. The image reveals Luther as a saint, for he is with his family in a what looks like merry scene, there are prayers being done by the nun in the back left corner, and there is a Christmas tree, revealing the devotion to Christ and God.All these religious qualities reveal Luther as a faithful saint in this picture.

In this image, Luther is shown posting his 95 Theses on the castle in Wittenberg, 1517. The 95 Theses were a change in the way the church was working. Luther is showcased as a sinner, for as he is posting his ideas, the observers are beginning to argue and fight, most likely between reformers and the regular church followers. The image says that the Lutheran ideas caused a huge disagreement between the people of Christ, showing that Luther is a sinner.

This is a portrait of Margarethe Luther, Martin's mother. This portrait, although not of Martin, shows Martin as a sinner. Margarethe looks hopeless and disappointed in this photo, probably revealing that she is disappointed with her son for going against the church by trying to change its ways through things like his 95 Theses, which went against the church's ways, as well as his teachings as a professor. The fact that his mother was upset with him for the things he has done reveals Martin as a sinner.

This image shows the scene of Luther singing with some of his family. Luther and his wife, Katherina von Bora, had six kids and adopted eleven more. Luther was most likely singing about religion through music in which he reintroduced to emphasize the Bible. Singing religiously with his family in a happy scene displays Luther as a caring, faithful saint.

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