Maintaining Wisdom and Wonder The Legacy of Thomson Adsett's leading architects

In the life of this practice, there has been a constant stream of incredible architects who have not only lead the way in their area of expertise but also in imparting their skills and insights to those beginning their design journey. Thomson Adsett has drawn upon wonderful practitioners and today we remember their contributions and their legacy, not only to the company but also, architecture, locally and world wide.

This is where you could have quotations from those Bob worked with and a reflection on how his work influenced their own design theory

Bob was a gentle natured man who dealt with everyone from a position of respect. I still love the story of his father going to live with him when in his seventies and Bob thinking it might be a five year prospect, only to have his father live into his nineties! No wonder space and privacy was important

Bob understood the health benefits of bringing the outside in. His courtyards brought life ad light into the heart of the home.

but he will most probably be best remembered for Torbreck, the first highrise in Highgate Hill, which still stands and is a much sought after residence.

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