The Divine The good life experience by josue collado

The Spatial Experience: Entering the theatre gave me a feeling like no other. It was my first time stepping foot into the Constans Theatre and I was immediately amazed at the artistic and elegant designs inside and outside the theatre. I was placed up close to stage and I got to feel the emotion and strong vocals coming from the actors. The audience seemed very intrigued as a whole and I could feel the audience's emotion when the crowd reacted to certain comical events. During these times, the mood was very lightened and I was happy to be apart of it. It was certainly a great atmosphere and I look forward to taking part in future plays to come.
The Social Experience: The audience for the night of the show was very interesting. It was the first night of the play's schedule so it appeared that many guests were Freshmen. Due to this, I felt very connected to the audience and most of us had common interests. The person I got to attend the show with was a fellow member of my floor, Ben. Attending the show with a friend made it much more comical and we were able to share our opinions after the show. We made the connection that the Good Life is made up of moments; moments shared between friends. It was a great bonding time for us and resembled how in the Good Life, we could all use someone to connect with.
The Cultural and Intellectual Experience: The show opened my eyes to have a better understanding of the culture of the early 1900's. This included the attire worn by the actors, the music played, and even the decorations. It is also gave an inside look into the catholic Church and the way that priests were brought about. This made me connect with how individuals in the past used to live and how many individuals in modern times take technology for granted. Technology has definitely changed the way humans live and interact in a large way.
The Emotional Experience: The experience overall was very informative and I came away looking to see how I could uses the lessons learned in order to improve on my personal life. There were many individuals in the show who had to give up certain aspects of their life in order to achieve what they saw as the Good Life. For example, Michaud having to cover up his love for theater in order to pursue the Church made me realize how every individual is faced with life changing decisions. As I continue in my collegiate career, I hope to examine future decisions from more aspects, and truly choose options that I feel will bring me to the Good Life.
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