HR UPDATE August 2020

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Returning to the Workplace

I’m writing with important reminders to maintain our community’s health and safety while on campus.

JMU has established its procedures for holding an on-campus semester in response to the ongoing pandemic. Our Stop the Spread campaign is not just aimed at students: It is crucial that all faculty and staff also follow the best practices and guidelines we’ve put in place. Most important are, effective immediately:

  • You must review the Return to Workplace Guidelines regularly. It is expected that all faculty and staff follow the procedures listed in this document. Each iteration of the guidelines is marked with a version date, and all recent changes appear in red.
  • You must complete a daily health screening via the LiveSafe app and receive a green check every day before coming to campus.
  • You must wear a face mask at all times while indoors and while outdoors in the presence of others when physical distancing is not an option.

Those working in academic spaces should review the COVID-19 section of the Academic Affairs website for additional protocols related to classrooms, labs, studios and other academic spaces.

The Return to Workplace Guidelines will be updated in response to changing guidance from the CDC and VDH, and all faculty and staff are responsible for remaining current on requirements.

Expect to see additional emails designed to remind you of these resources as the fall semester progresses, but please remember that it is your responsibility to stay up to date on and follow health and safety procedures.

Thanks again for your patience and perseverance through this challenging situation. A true team effort will be required for us to successfully navigate through this turbulent time. Your adherence to the guidelines is very much appreciated.

Rick Larson, Assistant Vice President, HR, Training and Performance

Election Day Holiday is a Floating Holiday

The Governor and General Assembly established Election Day, November 3, as a state holiday. Since this holiday occurs during the fall academic calendar, the university designated the Election Day holiday as a floating holiday.

The university will grant 8.00 hours of recognition leave to all full-time classified staff and A&P faculty to use at their discretion in its full 8.00 hour increment on or before Monday, December 21, 2020. This 8.00 hours of additional recognition leave will be effective and visible in MyMadison on August 26, 2020. Once granted, you may then select the RL TAKEN option in MyMadison to use the leave with supervisor approval.

For those who are able and wish to do so, this leave may be used, with supervisor approval, on Election Day. For those who aren’t able to take Election Day as a holiday, we would encourage you to vote before work, after work, or during your lunch break. Supervisors and departmental leadership are encouraged to be flexible with scheduling so employees have a reasonable opportunity to vote. Questions may be directed to Reagan Neese, Leave Specialist, at neeserw@jmu.edu.

Voluntary Benefits Vendor Meetings

Representatives for our supplemental retirement providers and voluntary benefits will gradually start coming back on campus next month. Our benefits page will be updated as more information is available.

Monthly Information from Social Security

Paycheck Modeler Available in MyMadison

Payroll Services

The Paycheck Modeler is once again available under the Employee tab in MyMadison. The modeler has been under maintenance since the first of the year and has been updated to include the changes to the 2020 Form W4 – Employee’s Federal Wage Withholding Certificate. For those not familiar with this tool, the Paycheck Modeler is a self-service tool that employees can use to make changes in their earnings, deductions and/or taxes to get an estimate on how those changes will impact their paycheck.

National Payroll Week: September 7-11

National Payroll Week is a great opportunity to thank your payroll department for their hard work. In addition to ensuring your paycheck is accurate and on time, they work diligently to maintain compliance with the ever-changing federal and state regulations.

Performance Evaluations

It is time to complete your non-probationary classified employee and Administrative & Professional faculty performance evaluations.

Performance Cycle Timeline

Non-probationary classified employees: October 25 to October 24

A&P faculty: July 1 to June 30

Performance evaluations are due in Human Resources by September 30

Classified Evaluations

Employees are encouraged to complete a self-evaluation. While the self-evaluation does not become part of the employee’s personnel file, it does provide valuable information and serves as an excellent resource for the supervisor when completing the formal evaluation.

This is a great opportunity for an employee to review their position description and reflect upon accomplishments and opportunities for development. Employees can view their published position descriptions in MyMadison.

Supervisors must attach the classified employee’s completed Individual Professional Development Plan (IPDP) to the evaluation form. IPDPs are required and completed forms must have a minimum of one goal. The IPDP is a valuable resource in identifying and developing a plan for professional development and growth.

When rating a classified employee as an overall Extraordinary Contributor or Below Contributor, an Acknowledgment of Extraordinary Contribution or Notice of Improvement Needed (unless a Written Notice is on file) must be attached to the completed performance evaluation to support the overall rating. Supervisors considering an overall rating of Below Contributor must discuss this with their HR Consultant before completing the performance evaluation.

Please refer to the Performance Evaluation Process on HR’s website for links to applicable forms, policies and process details for classified employees, or contact your HR Consultant or the HRCS Team Assistant, Shakini Sachdev with questions.

A&P Faculty Evaluations

Please refer to the Performance Evaluation Process for A&P Faculty on HR’s website for links to applicable forms, policies and process details for A&P faculty.

Signature Requirements

With some faculty and staff continuing to work remotely, there is some flexibility this year regarding signature requirements for performance evaluations. If possible, the preference is to obtain signed, original documents. Evaluations may be sent inter-office mail to MSC 7009.

For those unable to obtain signed, original documents, the review process and signatures may be completed remotely and scanned electronically. Completed evaluations and IPDPs may be emailed to HR’s Consulting Services mailbox at: workforcemgmt@jmu.edu

Please contact your HR Consultant with questions you may have regarding performance management and JMU’s evaluation process.

Greetings from Talent Development!

Every Wednesday at 10:30 a.m. through October, join us for 75 minutes to dive more deeply into the competencies needed for success at JMU. Here is a list of upcoming sessions that still have spaces:

  • August 26th – Team Building: Decision-Making
  • September 2nd – Customer Service: The Importance of Excellent Listening Skills
  • September 16th – Communication: The Art of Listening
  • September 23rd – Team Building: Rewards – It Depends!

You can find more details about these sessions on our Cultivating Competency page.

Thank you so much for completing the Talent Development Annual Survey. Please click here to access an infographic based on the valuable feedback provided.

Benefits Broadcast

Our goal with the Benefits Broadcast is to feature a specific benefit each month. This month’s featured benefit is…

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Signing up with TicketsatWork is simple:

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Once you create an account, you will receive emails from TicketsatWork with special offers and top picks!

Resources to Keep Kids Safe from Injuries

Adult hugging child

During this time when the world is working together to prevent the spread of COVID-19, Safe Kids Worldwide is committed to the safety and well-being of children and their families.

As kids of all ages are spending more time at home, Risk Management created several coronavirus resources and blogs on home, road and play safety to help educators and families protect children.

Human Resources is dedicated to customer service, a positive approach to change and the pursuit of excellence that promotes university and individual success.


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