50 Shades of why? Questions with cloudy answers

She has dreams to be....
" Do I have to change my image to be that ideal person?"

As a child I always thought that you had to have lots of friends and be popular to fit what I thought was the meaning of the movies that I grew up watching. The meanings that I thought were hidden in the movies were that I had to become rebellious to live an interesting and happy life. I couldn't wait to be 16 it was all i'd ever talked and dreamed about that "sweet sixteen". Feeling that I'd have to learn how to apply make-up because that was what i thought you'd had to do to be considered pretty. because " cause cover girls don't cry after their face is made."

At this point at my age I laugh back at those thoughts because all I ever though of being basically what the media portrayed as the ideal girl. My views back then and now are completely different as if we are two different people now thinking back on it was sad that I so focused that ideal person that society would accept and I could live my life without any problems about my race, ethnicity, gender and social class.

whats the point in always fighting?

Why are the women of today burning bridges that toke many years of to built with the dream, hope and aspiration that women could be unified and only then would they be unstoppable. Those bridges don't deserve the be burn down to ashes just to bring down a woman because of what she doesn't have, because of what she isn't, because of what she is what you only dreamed becoming but never really accomplished even though we'er the same gender with the same struggle but the only difference is how far either on of us will go to make aspirations into a reality.

"A flowers life is short and beautiful"

Where do you come from?


I'm sorry. It must be hard.

I'm sorry you have to walk around with that thing you call a face.

Why is your hair always changing and why is it so curly ? It looks so much more prettier straight .

My hairs always changing because I don't want to be basic like the rest of you.

No need to be rude about it.

No need to voice an opinion I never asked for.

No one will like it.

I like it so butt out.

With the stress of being a black woman there's always a constant backlash of what I should and shouldn't be doing and what I should do instead of being myself and expressing myself by the way I style my hair by and the way I represent where I come from whenever I get the chance to. There is always that one person that is always finding ways to bring you down or change you into becoming their standard of pretty.


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