The Change We Want to See Youth in Action on NCDs

Bec Xu

Bec Xu is a medical doctor doing locum work. She is currently based in Australia.

To kick off our #MondayMotivation, she chatted with us about the work she's been doing to #beatNCDs.

Q. What is the change you'd most like to see in your community?

A. I would love to see my community more active—for example, catching up over more exercise-based activities instead of catching up over food in restaurants. (Or at least catching up over food we cook ourselves!) I recently got into hiking, though, and now I'm a huge fan of it, so this answer may be a bit biased!

Q. What are the main NCD-related challenges facing your community?

A. The main NCD-related challenges facing my community span wide and far! In the medical field, mental health is a huge issue and burnout is really common. Outside in the wider community, sedentary lifestyle and trying to achieve a healthy diet and exercising are only some of the main NCD-related challenges.

Q. Why are NCDs an important issue for you?

A. NCDs are an important issue because they’re everywhere! They affect such a high proportion of the population. I’m particularly passionate about fighting diabetes because my dad has it, my dad’s dad has it and my dad’s dad’s dad had it too.

Q. How are you working to #beatNCDs?

A. At the moment I’m surviving in Australia with no car, and I live about 30 minutes from the station so at an individual level I’ve been walking a lot. I’ve also been getting into running and hiking too!

Q. Who is your role model?

A. I have loads of role models! At the moment I’m reading a book called "Mountains Beyond Mountains". The main subject, Prof. Paul Farmer, was a co-founder of Partners in Health, and is a huge role model.

Q. Who or what has inspired you lately?

A. As I mentioned previously, Prof. Paul Farmer’s work for Partners in Health has truly been inspirational for me.

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