Games with a purpose are games that have a purpose other than just pure entertainment. Examples are games that are fun but also help you learn a topic or subject or accomplish something.

One good example of a game with a purpose is the game "Hackstage Pass". This game is not only fun but it teaches you some code and how to change it which is a hot topic in school today.

This game appeals to younger kids in high school and middle school who are interested in learning code or computer programming.

The objective of this game is to get as far as you can and collect the three items without hitting any obstacles. If you hit an obstacle you must use the right code to get though the obstacle and continue going.

This game presents a challenge for people of all ages to learn the code to win the game.
Here is an example of an obstacle that appears and you must figure out the right code to pass the obstacle and continue the game.

Another example of a game with a purpose is "Free Rice". In this game you answer questions in different categories and everyone you get right the organization donates 10 grains of rice to a country in need.

This game appeals to people of all ages and can help them brush up on their knowledge of many different subjects such as math, English, geography, etc.

This game not only benefits your knowledge and learning it also benefits the people you are helping by every question you answer correctly and donating for them rice to eat.

By: Kaleb and Noah

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