Ethan's Portfiolo By: Ethan Clark


This is an MRS. My math teacher gives them to us every 2 weeks and we have a test over it before we get the next one. This is important is because it has most of the information that I learned last year. This shows that I have retained all of the information that was taught in the 7th grade. It also has some concepts from the beginning of 8th grade math. I feel that this will be a useful skill later on because I can remember the information that was taught in the previous year. This means that I will not forget any of the information that I learned in math.


The picture above is a packet called Mapping earth's interior. It is from science. This packet had me create a graph of the p and s waves at different levels in the earth's interior. The picture above is the analysis questions to show that I can grasp the full concept of what my science teacher is teaching. If I were to go on to study the inside of the earth it would be foundational to get into the field in the first place. I spent time with the teacher after school one day because I did not get the concept that he was teaching. I am not afraid to ask for help which is a very useful skill


This is a paper called "Road to Revolution" in which I had to put all of the events of the American Revolution from the beginning to end starting from the Proclamation of 1763 to the Declaration of Independence. This shows that I have learned what happened in the past in my country. I think the history is important because everyone should know how people fought and died for the freedom and independence that we have to day.


This is a signpost assessment in Language arts. This assessment had me match the text with the correct answer. The reason that I am showing this is because I had to catch up. I went to South Africa on a mission trip in September. In that time my Language Arts class began a sub unit on signposts. When I came back, I had one day before the final test. I had to learn a 10 day unit in a half of one day. I it did with flying colors. I feel that this shows my ability to learn and understand concepts very quickly and efficiently. Last year I felt that I would have not been able to do that. I have grown a lot this year and I will continue to grow!


This is a foam project that I worked on for many weeks. I created this in Art B. In this project we had to carve into the foam and leave some behind to create an image. This is called a relief sculpture. This shows my skills to organize my project. I think this is a very useful skill for the future like when I have to plan out what I am going to be doing on a big project.



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