Disasters of the Sea By: Joshua Hester

Animals in the sea go through more challenges then humans, from pollution to just people in their environment, and many species are becoming endangered.

Plastic is one of the biggest challenges for the animals in the sea. Seals, sea turtles, and even whales can become entangled in plastic netting.

Sea Turtle

Both of these species are being threatened from bycatch, and other fishery that people are using. All of the species in the sea are threatened from fishing equipment and other plastics people throw in the sea.

People are always studying the ocean life and the ocean itself. In fact scientist have found that whales can eat at the ocean surface and the sea floor. Now us people know that whales will not be as affected from climate change.

Animals all over the sea are trying to stay safe from any challenges that they face. There are octopus that hide in coconut shells, and clown fish in the anime to stay safe from their enemies.

People around the world need to fish less because the food from the ocean is not unlimited. If people over fish then there a very limited luckily that is no time soon from now. You never know though all the oil and run off going into the sea could kill of the animals faster than we could think.

We still don't know everything that lives under that big blue surface of water. We could be harming things that we don't know anything about. We don't l know what they do to stay safe and survive under the sea. People need to prevent all the things going into the sea, so then we can study all the animals we still have not discovered.


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