Colorful, dangerous, spiky, and big from eating them Cookies. We are building a bot for a project. Adrian Torres is my partner. Cookies is the name of our bot. The purpose of this bot is because Mrs. Walsh wanted to see if we have good teamwork or not. Our bot has good offense, defense, and good weapons on our bot. We put a razor blade in the front and we put spikes on the back and the sides.

Coookies is the best bot because it has good defense. If the other person comes at us they will hit the wall. The other bots would lose because of our razor blade. Our spikes would hit the opponents wheels and pop them off. Our bot has good defense because of our spikes and a razor blade.

Coookies is the best bot at defense and offense. Fact that Coookies has good defense because it has a ramp so we can flip the other team over. Cookies has good weapons. Our defense is a razor blade. We have spikes that will damage 85% of the bots. Cookies is clearly the best because of our defense and offense.

Coookies is the best battle bot because of our spikes and our sawblade. The spikes can get the opponents stuck. The ramp is also our defense. We put on a sawblade so we can hit the the other opponents. We put a launcher on so we can hit the opponents out of our way. Cookies clearly states that it is the best because our defense.

Coookies is the finest bot for defense, offense, and weapons. Coookies is an outstanding battle bot because it has fast reflexes. The fact that Coookies is a terrific battle bot is because it has splendid thinking and it has boss weapons. Coookies has very fatal weapons like saw blades and spikes. Coookies is the one!

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