Venus By: Kayli Hartlage

Venus is the third smallest planet in our solar system

NASA has discovered many interesting things about Venus' climate. Its climate is very sticky and hot. Venus also has many landforms on its surface. Venus is a little smaller than earth.

This is part of the surface of Venus

INTERESTING FACT: Venus rotates clockwise because at one point of time Venus turned on its axis, when Earth rotates counter clockwise

Venus and earth are considered planets because they are so close in size

The surface of Venus is so hot that lead would melt, its surface is made of a central iron core and a rocky mantle, similar to Earth

It takes venus 224.7 Earth days to rotate around the sun

NASA knows a lot about the planet Venus. NASA does lots of research on Venus along with many other planets and they take many measurements

Some people say Venus looks like a star that is why it is sometimes referred to as "morning star" or "evening star"

Although Venus isn't the biggest planet, it is one of the most important planter

For our lunar landing we decided to drop a microphone

We programmed our robot to drop a microphone to represent that our generation isn't afraid to speak out and isn't afraid to be heard


Created with images by Willy D - "nasa" • Teddy Mafia - "Microphone"

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