The Divine: a Play for Sarah Bernhardt Bernadette Gomez

Spatial Experience: As I entered the building, I was very anxious to watch the play. I wasn't sure what exactly what it would be about, but the set gave me the hint that it would have to do somehow with religion. When the lights dimmed, I was excited for the play to finally begin. I think the size of the auditorium made it feel very intimate, as it wasn't a huge auditorium. I was sitting in the very front row, so it felt almost as if I myself was in the play which I enjoyed. Place plays a role in the good life because where you are in the moment will indicate what will or won't happen to you.

Social experience: I attended the performance with one of my good friends, Caterina. I didn't do much to get ready; I didn't want to know anything beforehand so I wouldn't have any biases going into it. Attending the play with friends, for me, enhanced the performance because when I watch something, I often have tons of questions. If I had gone alone, I would've had no one with me to help me interpret what was going on, and this performance specifically was very confusing. Shared experiences play a role in the good life because the people with whom you share experiences are the people that can either help you be a better person, or will bring you down.

Cultural and intellectual experience: I think this play, though set decades ago, still has a lot of social commentary that is relevant today. The central theme of the play was the divide between upper and lower class citizens - with minor themes, like sexual assault in the Catholic church and under-waged workers. I knew about both of these themes, both in the past as well as in modern day. The performance changed my views because, as silly as it may sound, everyone is always looking for a good deal when it comes to clothes. It reminded me of the working conditions of the workers at a place like Forever 21, and made me wonder just how much those workers are getting paid if I can snag a top for $15. The subject matter hasn't affected me personally, but having attended Catholic school for most of my life, the subject of sexual assault in the Catholic church wasn't exactly "news".

Emotional experience: The Divine provides an opportunity for katharsis because it addresses and tackles issues that are extremely uncomfortable, like sexual assault and underpaid workers. Though no one likes to talk about it, they're important to think about in order to be more aware about them. It's possible that the play may force people who attempt to deny these problems to instead come forth about their existence.

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