Hello, Spring! April Ministry Update

"I want to keep everything certain, I want to know the outcome."

Penn State Mascot

It's 65 degrees outside. The Nittany Lion is alive and well. We have arrived at Penn State! Because our city colleges observe Jewish holidays, students' spring break in New York City fall in mid-April. This year, we took our students to Penn State to share the gospel and get a taste of the Epic Movement on a larger campus! For most, if not all, of our students, it was their first time sharing their faith. Johnny, a freshman at City College of NY, and I approached our first student, Fild (below, right). Fild, a sophomore studying engineering and an aspiring aircraft engineer, shared with us his fears of the unknown. As an engineer, he expressed that unknowns make him uncomfortable - "You can't incorporate unknowns when you're engineering something." With these concerns in mind, our student Johnny (below, left) shared that he, too, struggles with the unknown as someone who studies Physics, but God is someone who he knows is real. Taking a leap of faith, Johnny shared the gospel with Fild.

Fild responded, "I want to keep everything certain, I want to know the outcome. I always want to know the outcome prior to it actually coming out. With all the unknowns, it’s kind of not against myself, but not my way. I am not saying I will never give my life to Christ, but something has to happen, there has to be an accident that has to change my view on this.”

Though Fild did not accept Christ that day, we trust that God will water the seed that He allowed us to plant in Fild's heart (1 Corinthians 3:6). Will you pray for Fild and ask boldly that God will surround him with people he can trust to walk through the unknowns with?

Johnny (left) sharing the gospel with Penn State student, Fild (right).

"It was really cool, she seemed very interested and so I let her go through it."

Shortly after sharing with Fild, I felt the Holy Spirit pushing me to challenge Johnny and Nicky (another CCNY student) to go sharing together, but this time... without me. Johnny had just shared his faith for the first time with Fild, but Johnny's enthusiasm and boldness in that conversation proved to me that the Spirit was on the move. Johnny and Nicky agreed to take a step of faith and to go sharing together.

Johnny and Nicky sharing the gospel with a Penn State student who prayed to receive Christ!
“It went well. She wasn’t a Christian but she was really open-minded. She chose a picture with a “sea” and she explained that the sea was really open and it represented her open-mindedness. She chose a lot of things that had to do with problems and burdens so I thought it was a really good time to bring God into because God promises that when we have burdens we can go to Him. We went through the gospel and she took the booklet from me and started going through it on her own. It was really cool, she seemed very interested and so I let her go through it. She ended up praying to receive Christ after!” - Johnny Weng

In moments like these, I am in awe of how God works in and through us. The hand of our Heavenly Father is like none other - He orchestrates and brings His children from death to life in ways unimaginable. Through this spring break trip, our students have caught a vision for their campus that is beyond themselves and we are so excited to see how God will flame that fire and light the city of New York!

GUESS WHAT! - An exciting UPDATE!

I've survived my first year in New York City and I'm unbelievably thankful for all the ways God has revealed more of His heart for the nations through these last 10 months. As I've been thinking about my next steps, I've found that God has been putting healthcare careers, specifically nursing, more on my heart. But as He has put that more on my heart, the thought of leaving New York City and the ministry here was unsettling. As I've been praying over the last couple months and discerning where God is leading me next, I have decided to commit another year to serve God in the capacity of campus ministry here in NYC. As God has given me the opportunity to meet and build relationships with students, I'm beyond excited to see how He will continue to change and transform lives this upcoming year. Even though I will be serving in ministry for another year, I believe that the ignited passion for healthcare is to not go unnoticed, as I'm well aware that the Holy Spirit speaks in various ways. Thus, this summer, I will be applying to school (keeping both nursing school and ministry as options for the future!), raising support, and (*possibly*) going on summer missions to Wildwood, New Jersey. Would you pray for me as I close out this semester and step into the summer?

Prayer Requests

  • For Penn State student who prayed to receive Christ - pray that the Lord would surround her with believers who are grounded in their relationship with Jesus and the word to walk alongside her
  • Pray for Fild's spiritual journey and that God would water the seed that has been planted
  • Pray for my next steps and that I would continue to trust in the ways He is leading me and to press into discovering more of His heart for the world

I've said this plenty...

But, I'm so thankful for you, your prayers, and your financial generosity. Through your friendship with me and partnership with my ministry, students not only have the opportunity to hear the gospel and receive Jesus into their life, but they also have opportunities to step out in faith and proclaim the gospel (Matthew 16:18-20). I'm thankful that, hand in hand, we are able to share the love of Jesus with others, as a team. I love hearing about how God is moving in your life and overjoyed that we get to share stories together - would love to hear from you!

I'm only a phone call/text away - thankful for you, always.

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