7 Things to know About Sweden By Michael Della Ratta

It's doesn't matter the places you go, It's about what you make out of those places.

1. Time to visit the Vasa Museum.....As you are wondering on something to do, instead of sitting and sulking why not take a visit to the city. The city is a great place to see the Vasa museum. The Vasa museum is about this ship that sunk in the 1800s right outside of where the museum is located now. When they found the ship in the ocean they found 97% of the Vasa ship.


2. lets take a tour of my favorite Amusement Park........ The best place to have a laugh is Grona lund (Swedish amusement park). We go to this Amusement park every year, Its a blast. One of the most amazing things about this place is that you meet so many new people. My favorite thing about this amusement park is that there are side booths that you can win overly sized candy. They have multiple restaurants in the park and as it goes for the kids they have a house that is full of tricks a tid bits and you have to try and get out.

3. Lets learn about the food...... The food in Sweden is amazing but it is a lot of fish. Food in Sweden is like an event, everyone sits down for the meal and eats and has a great time. Lets not forget about the meatballs. The meatballs are like water ... you have it with every meal. But the best time to eat is during a soccer game while is excited to see Sweden win and cheer them on while eating the best food in the world.

4. Old Town....... As you wander the street of old Stockholm, Sweden There are all these little shops That you can buy cool little souvenirs. The side walks look like old narrow streets that everyone walks on. The best part about the Old Town is the rustic feel as you walk down the street and see so many good things.

5. Raining or not, lets have a good time....... The weather in Sweden is good most of the time in the summer, some days it could be really rainy or super sunny the next day. As soon as the winter comes it gets pretty cold and there is a lot of snow. Snow in Sweden is not like the snow we have here in Colorado, Sweden gets a lot of snow but it could rain the next day and have an ice sheet on top of the snow.

6. Pants in the summer???? Fashion is a huge statement in Sweden, It gives you a reputation on know you are and who you hangout with. It give you the most reflection om who you are as a person. Its not always a bad thing, it can show your personality and what you are striving to be when you are older.

7. School??? School in Sweden is very different than the United States, Because in Sweden as soon as you hit High school you only go up to 9th Grade and then collage is optional. If you do decide to go to collage its free. The very big difference is the amount of hours you go on a daily basis. Sweden almost does five hours more a day in school then the United States does.


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