Being 15 in Russia By: Ethan Pyles 2nd hour

Russia is my country. As you know, this country just recently got rid of communism. The size of Russia is 6.602 mi2, so it's pretty big. Right now, they are trying to get out of that. So they have to change how they lived, socialized, their education and more.

Being 15 in Russia is constrained yet fun, because of no privacy and the freedom they have.

Being 15 in Russia can be constrained because most teens live up to three generations in the same home with them, so they have no privacy.

Up to three generations of families live in the same house, because communism made it to where they can't own their own property, so that's where everyone lives (Smith).

Because that many people live in the same home, that means that there can be a lack of space, and so you can't do what you want to do in your personal time without other people knowing about it or just watching/overhearing. SO teens can feel like they have no privacy.

Teens in Russia also have fun, because of the freedom that they now have.

In Russia, teens can be or do anything they want, because they are free to do so.

Now that Russia is no longer a communist nation, people can be free and be who they want. The only limit is themselves now (Edgar).

Because teens have this new found freedom, they feel more alive. They have more hope so they are more motivated, this shows that they can be or do whatever they want because they know that they can.

Being 15 in Russia can be fun sometimes. With all of the freedoms that they have now, they can explore different things to do with their lives, and they can do it themselves. However, there are some times where they can feel constrained because of the privacy that the sometimes lack in their homes. Sometimes, having no privacy can be frustrating.

Recognizing emotion, I learned that not every culture is the same.

They might be nervous about how their government has changed and the events that have taken place in the place like war and resource depletion.

This shows that their culture is different because I don't worry about that stuff. Our government has always been somewhat the same. Theirs, have not.


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