Cold and Dark By: Maya Morales

The cold wind blew viciously as I, Jax sat down in an alley. The alley was dark and you could hear the cats hiss as they fought each other. There was a clothing line right above my head, I sometimes took some of the clothes that hung there. The alley was much like any alley,cold, dark, sometimes wet, and smelly because of the trash cans that were there. I stayed there night and day, I sometimes stole food because of how desperately hungry I was. My face was covered in dirt and scratches were all over my face, arms, and legs.

You might assume by now that I am poor, I used to be rich but now, I am by myself. I lost my mom and dad in a car accident and due to the shock of it I ran away. The alley was my home now, not that I would call it the best home... ok, it is terrible I don't like living here at all.

This world is a world that if you were privileged you lived a happy life and if you were poor you lived a sad life.

Now back to present time. A woman peered out the window of her house, and saw me laying down in the alley. The woman was dressed nicely she had a shirt as gray as the clouds on stormy day and she had a hat that was a flying saucer.

“Don't move I will be right down!” She yelled out the window. I guessed that she was a nice lady because other people would have left me alone but, she didn't. As she walked towards me I noticed that she looked a lot younger now then when she was looking through the window.

“It’s okay honey, I just called the orphanage and people are coming to get you.” She said softly. We waited 5-10 min. Nobody talked. She sat next to me holding my hand tight. Is she trying to make me happy and trying to tell me that I will have a better life if I go to this orphanage, if so I doubt that I will. I thought, still holding her hand. I could run away any second now, but what is stopping me? The caretakers from the orphanage had arrived and were asking me a lot of questions.

“What's your name?” said one of them. “Where are you from and how old are you?” said another. Questions were grabbing me and pulling out answers. “ My name is Jax, I am from here, and I am 13 years old.” Then, they looked me up and down. “Are you a boy or a girl?” they asked at the same time. “I am a girl” I responded quickly.

After they talked to each other for a while they took me and put me in the back seat of their car. I waved goodbye to the lady and she waved back. As soon as we reached the orphanage it began to rain. I ran inside the orphanage, the two caretakers not far behind. They guided me to a place to stay. I looked around.

Oh, great do they expect me to sleep on this bed that looks like if you sit on it, it will break? I thought as I walked towards the bed or what I thought was a bed. A short orphan boy walked towards me.“Hello, you must be Jax, I am Leon.” He said with pride. He put his hand out for me to shake, I didn't. He slowly put his hand down.

He showed me where to put my stuff and he told me that if I didn't do my chores or help out there would be a punishment. Punishment, yeah right that's what they all say. I will not do chores or help out just anyone. I thought as Leon ranted on and on about the orphanage.

Later that afternoon, Leon came to get me because it was time to do chores. “I won't do it!” I yelled. “Ok, but remember there are always consequences and you will get punished for it.” Leon said. There's no way they are going to punish the new kid. I thought with complete confidence. Then, I heard a knock on the door, I opened it.

“Jax why aren't you doing your chores like the other kids?” The caretaker asked. “ I don't want to.” I answered. “You have to.” The caretaker insisted. “ I don't want to!” I yelled. “Jax let me tell you something, if you don't do your part than you won't be allowed to do the fun activities and also, if you don't behave it will be harder to find a family for you.” The caretaker said.

My mind raced with thoughts. Never be able to find a family for me! No fun activities! No nothing! I rethought my whole decision and I asked her what I should do. She told me clean the hallways and I did.

Three months later, the orphanage had found a perfect home for me. I ran to meet my new mom and dad. They were perfect, they were my family and I was going to do anything I could to help them, including chores.

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