Climate Change Erin Gehringer, Mara cosenza, caleb Kloberdanz, Thomas Cook

Livestock and crops are causing droughts because they need lots of fresh water. There's lots of water but it's contaiminated so livestock can't drink it and, its not very good for plants.
More wildfires are occuring. Once the trees are so dried out from being in a drought. The heat makes them catch on fire. The heat is getting hotter and hotter which is causing the trees to burn.
Polluting the air is causing hotter tempatures. We could stop this by picking up trash and not using as many electronics to pollute the air.
Summer heat is expected to rise which causes, drought frequency and evaporation rates. This could reduce water levels in lakes and wetlands, as well as important commercial waterways. Precipitaion in the midwest is expected to become more intense, leading to increased flood damage around waterways. Then the water will become undrinkable and unsanitary.


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