Portfolio o' Midterm By: Aj ranson

Describe- Multiexposure shot with what I assume is a Swedish male as the focus. Uses blue and yellow as the most prevalent colors, the background being Gothenburg Sweden. The Swedish flag is placed over the male's face. A mountain range is portrayed on his sweatshirt.

Analyze-The piece uses primarily blue and yellow with the guy's red sweatshirt. The lines on the Swedish flag lead to the individual's eyes. The lights in Gothenburg draw your eyes and the buildings all are uniform while the mountains remain subtle.

Interpret- The piece creates a feeling of pride with the look in the person's eyes and the Swedish flag reinforcing it.

Evaluate- Overall the piece is well done and pleasant to look at. Mountain range could've been something else since it doesn't really add much, but overall it is good.

Describe- Picture at a window looking out towards a waterfall with a beautiful rainbow hue. Some of the edges on the windows are not quite uniform.

Analyze- Uses an offish angle the outside looking unreal with the rainbow hue, although it may have been intentional. Could've cropped out left side of the photo with the national guard shelf since nothing is really added.

Interpret- Creates a feeling of curiosity and wonder with the fantasy like setting outside the window. Feeling if interupted by the badly photoshopped window edges.

Evaluate- Overall not a bad piece, but also not quite a very good one, the idea was good, but not executed to the fullest extent. It was just ok.

Describe- Joint picture of a handsome young man on a staircase with arms for legs, legs on the shoulders and an extra arm his right side.

Analyze- The piece uses layering with the mismatched bodyparts and uses most of the space.

Interpret- The mood in this piece seems to be very fun loving and lighthearted with no seriousness anywhere.

Evaluate- Don't really like the piece as a whole, looks very quickly done and looks sorta just mashed together randomly.

Describe- 3D piece of what seems to be a poster for a sequel to the "Breakfast Club" features five teens with one taking a very eccentric pose by the door. Two of the teens are 3D. And a 3D logo with "The Brunch Club"

Analyze- the piece seems very balanced on each side even with the extra teen on the right since two of them seem to create one shape.

Interpret- Creates a feeling of suspicion since the kids look to be up to no good, except for the guy on the left who frankly just looks confused. Looks to have some "movement" if that makes sense since they seem to be in the middle of an action, except for the guy on the left who doesn't know what to do with his hands.

Evaluate- Well done piece with a feeling of excitement as it looks like something is about to go down. Looks as though they are about to embark on some sort of high stakes calamity.

Describe- another joint photo this time focused mostly on the head portraying multiple funny faces. Also has 4 hands.

Analyze- balanced picture with scattered images of the females face. All the faces come together as one shape and provide layering.

Interpret- Another lighthearted photo with a girl obviously having fun taking these pictures. Looks like a fun time.

Evaluate- Liked the photo overall catches genuine happiness and very well portrays how the girl is feeling and it's almost contagious. Could've used the rest of the body however since it seems to focus so much on the face, but that may have been intended.

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