The United States Constitution the six guiding principals


The constitution is the document that defines the true meaning of freedom, for America that is, the constitution was written as a set book of laws and rules to keep the American people in control and all together. It was written on September 17th 1787.


Federalism keeps or maintains a balance of power while still dividing it up with congress and the state. In article one section ten clause one oaf the American bill of rights, the powers denied the states the ability to print their own money. In article one section nine clause five of the bill of rights, the powers denied congress the power to impose taxes on a state that could, and should only be imposed by the state.

Separation of powers

Separation of powers, without this our country would be exactly what the first settlers of America were running from in the first place, a monarchy. In article two section two clause one of the United States bill of rights, it states the president, or the Commander in Chief of the united states military can write his opinion on a war and stop it or never start a war in general, but the congress can still go to an un-official war called a conflict, there are many examples of this such as Vietnam, Korea, Panama, and the Gulf Wars.

Checks and Balances

Checks and Balance are used many different ways in the government and by the citizens of America in many different situations. the way the Checks and Balance system is used in America's government is stated in article two section one clause one, the executive power of America shall be held by the president and his vice president, but as i stated before, in article two section two clause one, the congress can be denied the power to go to war but can go into a conflict anyway, over ruling the executive power held by the president

Representative Power

The representative government of the United States of America is used in many situations, as ways to help the people and the government, as stated in article two section one clause one the people of America have the power, as well as the congress to impeach the president over ruling the executive power as stated in article one section two clause five.

Limited Government

In article one section nine clause five the powers (people/government) were granted the power of telling people were granted the power to tell the congress no, in article two section one clause one, where the president was only allowed eight years, or two terms in office, any more is deemed unreasonable and an imbalance of power.

Popular Sovereignty

In the preamble of the United States Constitution, the citizens of America represented the power of the government, and in reality, the were in control of the government. We the people, the population of the United States, are in power, we just have to realize it.


1.) When was the Constitution written?

2.) What is the meaning behind we the people?

3.) Would you disagree with the Constitution?

4.) Why do you think some people disagree with the Constitution?

5.) Why is the checks and balances system used?

6.) What is the point of the separation of powers or limited gov. ?


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