True love is real A flower story

What is sweet draws the sting.

Opposites attract in many ways, but love can't condense into a phrase.

Lavender fields...

Thank you for viewing my test site.

Have a beautiful day.

Created By
Tina Neely


Created with images by b0jangles - "Sunflower" • castleguard - "lavender bee summer" • Chris_Parfitt - "Lavender" • RitaE - "sunflower sunflower field bouquet" • avrene - "Lavenders" • tdlucas5000 - "Winter Purple Factor" • jill111 - "sunflowers yellow summer" • elminium - "Lavender and Bumblebee" • Hans - "lavender lavender field lavender flowers" • BoehserDynamo - "sun flower sunflower flowers" • Soorelis - "wild flowers flowers plant" • Hans - "lavender blossom purple violet" • b0jangles - "Sunflower" • metin.gul - "Sunflower" • skyseeker - "Sunflower"

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