Transformations By shylia, And Yulibert

A ferris wheel is a good example of a rotation, because the people riding the ferris wheel would be rotating. If you started at the bottom and rotated 180 degrees clockwise, you would end up at the very top.
A windmill is also a good example of a rotation because the ends of the spokes rotate in a circle
This is an example of a reflection with the reflection line being the tide line.
This is another example of a rotation. if you started at 12:00, and ended at 12:15, the long hand would have rotated 90 degrees clockwise.
This would believe it or not, be a reflection, because if you reflect one of the hands over the x axis, then over the y axis, you would get the other hand. It also has a beautiful message so why not put it in?
The clouds slide everywhere all the time, although we can't see it. if you take a time lapse of the clouds they are translating in some direction.
if you look at the 2 Gs one of them is bigger than the other, but shape wise, they are the exact same. This is a dilation.
A lower case s, and an upper case s is an example of a dilation, because even though one is bigger than the other, they still have the same shape.
A stringed instrument up close is kind of like a tessellation, because the same long rectangle is translated over and over to cover the entire picture as you can see in the above picture.


Created with images by striatic - "quadrants" • Ellimac Enileuqcaj - "Ferris Wheel" • 2968288 - "mill monument wind" • Thanks for over 2 million views!! - "Florida's Best (Explored)"

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