Exercise and Water TRaci Laine Creager

When I started this class, I barely drank any water. This class helped me realize how bad soda is for me. There was a section in Fahey's Chapter 8 that talked about water. It hit me when I read about how your body can go 50 days without food but only a couple of days without water. I never drank a plain glass of water. However, that has changed.

The Fit-bit has really helped me keep moving. When it buzzes me every hour, I make sure I get up and move around to get my 250 steps. There are also days I come home and do not feel like walking on the treadmill but I will notice that I only need 1000 steps to hit my goal. That gives me that little push to get up and move.

Stress is hard to overcome.

The week that my dad had to get a trach was so hard to stick to my diet plan. Instead of drinking water, I was drinking Starbucks which I now realize is nothing but empty calories. :( Instead of eating small portions, I was eating one big portion. I also did not get on the treadmill all week.

I just need to keep going.

This class has made me aware of some key areas I needed to changed. I will continue to work to get healthy. I just have to remember that when I have a bad day that tomorrow is a new day.

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