The Rise of Hitler By: Olivia Schell

Adolf Hitler was born in 1889. 20 years later, he went to Vienna to study art but was rejected. So he was forced to live on the streets of Vienna and couldn't hold a job.

Adolf Hitler

In 1914, Hitler had joined the German military and fought the first war. By 1919, Hitler had joined a group called German Workers' Party which was changed later to Nationalist Socialist German Workers' Party, that's when Hitler became the leader of the Nazis.

Hitler became the leader of Germany.

In the year of 1923, Hitler thought that the inflation and the French occupation of Ruhr was enough for him to take over. During November 8, 1923, Hitler had proclaimed his plan to overthrow the government and was arrested and was sentenced to 5 years of imprisonment but was released in less than 1.

Adolf Hitler had made great promises and was given confidence at the polls by nearly a three-fourths majority of votes. Hitler had accomplished many things when he was first appointed. Some of his early accomplishments include: he and his men cleaned up the corruption that flooded all of the governmental offices and affected every walk of life; he rooted out the leaders of the communist party, and he had begun to feed the millions of undernourished people that were existing on doles from the government.

People were put to work on new projects by starting factories running. The army of unemployed began to diminish under the epoch-making measures.

The churches were forced out of political fields of activity, Hitler told them, "You preach the gospel in your pulpits and take care of all the religious matters in which we will not interfere, but you leave the politics for us." For this restriction, the churches would never forgive Hitler.

During these early days of Hitler's rise to power, the world could not imagine what horrible days lay ahead for humanity.

Nazi symbol


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