Kalley Kirkland About me

I am from Hillsville, Virginia. It is a small town close to the North Carolina border. I live with both of my parents and my one brother. He is 18 and going to community college. All of my family lives in Hillsville or around it and I have never lived anywhere else.

My first year of college I took general education classes at Wytheville Community college before figuring out what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.
I joined Radford University as a sophomore and started my degree in early childhood/special education. Now, I am pursing a graduate degree in early childhood/special education. I choose Radford because it is very close to home and this degree program seemed perfect for my interests.
I have always had a huge interest in small children. At first my degree choice was elementary education but I knew that I would enjoy working with children from birth and children that were not typically developing. I began working at a local daycare when I was 17 and I loved being a positive aspect in the lives of the small children. I understand that it only takes one adult to get through to a child and I love seeing the growth.
In 5-10 years I hope to have my own classroom full of kindergartners. I had a placement last year in a kindergarten classroom and I absolutely loved it. I also had a very bad kindergarten experience when I was a child so I think that it is very important to teach the kids a love for learning right from the start.

Things that bug me

A messy room or car really bugs me. I love to have everything organized.
Also, hearing people chew bugs me. I looked it up and its called misophonia.

Important things to me

I love spending times with my friends.
I love to read suspenseful books whenever I have any free time.

I love to travel

Boulder, Colorado this summer
New York City over winter break
Miami, Florida for spring break last year


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