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We welcome you to the online portal of clickspot, We feel proud to serve you.. :)

Hello there! We are planning to make the business fest more fun by making it digital. Clickspot is an online page where you can add your products for the customers to look at and order, you will also have free promotion for the whole day. Think for a while clicking is easier than walking through the stalls, and we are promoting this page aggressively. We are adding products you can contact us anytime, anywhere.

"Kala Ba Kao Gamuna"

Per Game: 50 PKR "Product Code game1"

Random Challenge: 60 PKR (opponents will be selected by Clickspot) "Product Code che1"

"Fun Work Studios"

Offering you cotton candies, donuts, dart game, photography and more. You can call them out to take your photographs and order your donuts and candies..

Donuts: 50 PKR "Product Code donut1"

Cotton Candies: 20 PKR "Product Code cotcan1"

Dart games and photography too..

You can make a photo-shoot reservation with them too'

"Product Code photo1"

"Something Fishy"


Mr. Fish

1 Small Fish & Fries : 180 PKR "Product Code fish1"

2 Small Fishes & Fries : 280 PKR "Product Code fish2"


Serving Nemo

2 Fish pieces & Fries : 130 PKR "Product Code fish3"

3 Fish pieces & Fries : 210 PKR "Product Code fish4"

5 Fish pieces & Fries : 280 PKR "Product Code fish5"

"Lawrencepurr at IMSciences"

All information about the products are given in the above photo, Use the fabric name as product code.

"Game of Luck"

Russian Salad : 120 PKR/Serving "Product Code salad1"

Macaroni : 80 PKR/Serving "Product Code macaroni1"

"Laari Adda"

"Desi khaw te desi pao"

Haleem : 50 PKR "Product Code haleem1"

Manosalwa Paratha : 70 PKR/Paratha "Product Code paratha1"

Dahi Bhalley : 60 PKR "Product Code dahibhale1"

Paan : 30 PKR "Product Code paan1"

Kashmiri Chai : 30 PKR "Product Code chai1"

Lemonade : 50 PKR "Product Code lemonade1"

GolGapey : 30 PKR "Product Code golgapy1"

Kushena's for 850 PKR

Mug's for 250 PKR

"Think Printing Solutions"

"We take your photographs on your demands and print them on mugs"

Mug with printed photo : 250 PKR "Product Code mug1"

  • Get 10% discount on making reservation through clickspot.

"The Style Stall"

Find the batter match,

Watches : Use the name bellow the watch as the "Product Code"

Glasses : 100 PKR Use the design of the watch as the "Product Code"

"Just one bite"

Ultimate Desi Refreshment


Special Pann : 80 PKR

Chocolate Pann : 70 PKR

Meetha Pann : 60 PKR

Pani Puri

Sadi pani puri : 80 PKR

Dahi Pani Puri : 90 PKR

Meethi Pani Puri : 80 PKR

  • Use the product name as product code.

"Alokozay Tea"

20 flavor tea

Green tea : 50 PKR

Black tea : 50 PKR

Orange tea : 70 PKR

Tyme tea : 60 PKR

Peach tea : 70 PKR

Rasberry tea :70 PKR

Mint tea : 80 PKR

  • Use the tea name as product code.

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Please leave your heart with us if you liked our efforts, your appreciation can help us.. :)

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