Navi Kings א Perek 1

As David was sick and aging, he needed a young woman, Avishag, to give him warmth
*Now that my father died, maybe I can convince people that I will be the king, and then they'll be forced to appoint me*
"Hey guys! You want to join my "King's crew"?" *אדוניהו asking יואב, אביתאר, if they want to joint (they happily agree).
צדוק, בניה, שמעי, ורעי All declined the offer
אדוניהו makes a party for the ones that sided with him (didn't invite men who didn't join his crew)
נתן telling בת שבע that אדוניהו is planning a rebellion and that she should tell דוד before his death
בת שבע telling דוד about the rebellion of his son אדוניהו
Furthermore, נתן telling דוד about אדוניהו, and his rebellion, and how he should appoint שלמה
שלמה warns אדוניהו his brother, if he ever tries to rebel against שלמה, שלמה will end him!

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