This story is in edit to update recent grand jury indictments and arrest of a murder suspect in Alabama. it was posted last October 2018 and hinted at the indictment of Greg Craig. There appears to be a schedule of six months between indictments.

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Based upon extensive analysis of evidence gleaned from inside the FBI's previously undisclosed Counter-Intelligence, Russian Mafia investigation since the year 2008. It increasingly appears Judge Brett Kavanaugh's appointment to the United States Supreme Court may be a "Goal Point" aimed at establishing World Authoritarian Government or a Kleptocratic State. A long-range plan believed formulated by the Soviet KGB during the late 1950’s which uses a model from Vladmir Lenin’s Fourth World Revolution.

The well-hidden plan appears to have been fine-tuned by Russian Intelligence agencies (GRU)(FSB) since 1989 after the Soviet Union “unexpectedly broke up” and the “KGB was dissolved” due to an alleged plot against Soviet President Gorbachev, the plan later rejuvenated in 1999 with full co-operation of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) officially endorsing, labeling and publishing the modified plan “Unrestricted Warfare".

The existence of a long-term plan was first exposed to the United States Central Intelligence Agency in 1961 by KGB plans defector Major Anatoliy Golitsyn from Ukraine shown below after he defected at Helsinki, Finland December 1960 to the United States.

Major Anatoliy Golitsyn

The on-going plan appears to have reared its head as witnessed during Ukraine’s 2013-14 revolution where Russia invaded Ukraine and split the country brought about from their paid manipulation of the Ukraine criminal court system when Russia deployed and promoted fabricated criminal corruption charges against popular pro-democracy Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko sentenced to prison for 7 years, shown below.

Evidence of the plan surfaced in the United States during 2004-08 as the Bush Justice Department was mired in endemic corruption causing Attorney General's Ashcroft and Gonzales to resign.

Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko

Guillaume Herbaut

Thousands of Ukrainian people attend a rally and listen as former Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko delivers a speech at the Independence Square after her release in the capital in Kiev, Ukraine on February 22, 2014. Tymoshenko, who was in prison since August 2011, was convicted and sentenced to seven years imprisonment for abusing her powers as prime minister by ordering Ukrainian Naftogaz to sign a gas deal with Russia in 2009.

Ukraine Police battle in streets

Ukraine rioter

First Ukraine Dead, Civil War Between friends, family.


Paul Manafort (right) looks on as Donald Trump appears at the Republican National Convention in July 2016. Manafort has agreed to cooperate with special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe.

Paul Manafort was paid millions by Russian affiliated individuals to take part in orchestrating a Ukraine public relations campaign against Yulia and imprison her for alleged crimes against the State.

Greg Craig

Washington D.C. Attorney, Greg Craig was paid large sums of money to write reports to assist in Yulia’s successful criminal prosecution and sentence to 7 years in prison selling the idea to Obama Administration officials and members of Congress.

Craig and his team-mates have been referred to the United States Department of Justice, Manhattan Division by Robert Mueller for a determination of charges to prosecute Craig and his firm for not registering as a Foreign Government agents.

Former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman (below) once a highly popular rising star in the National Democratic party hired Greg Craig to handle the appeal of his 2006 federal bribery conviction during 2010-12.

Siegelman was sentenced to 8 years in federal prison in a concocted criminal case against him like Yulia’s in Ukraine.


Siegelman’s case was engineered by Karl Rove and promoted by the Bush Justice Department Public Integrity Section at Washington, D.C. with years of multiple unsuccessful prosecutions by the corrupt Bush Justice Department, Judge Kavanaugh's people.


Vladimir Putin former head of East German KGB. When Putin went to leadership in Moscow he was selected by Boris Yeltsin because he was a dedicated and ruthless KGB Counter-Intelligence Officer.

Dana Siegelman Alabama First Daughter

Attorney Craig failed to deliver a successful slam dunk appeal or Obama Justice Department Pardon for Siegelman who was "initially upbeat", hopeful Craig would make a difference. Siegelman spent 7 years in federal prison at Oakdale, LA.

Don Sigelman Prison photo

Siegelman’s prosecutors were USAF/ JAG active duty and reserve officers stationed at Maxwell AFB, Montgomery, AL. Assistance was provided by Alabama Attorney General Troy King.

Siegelman prosecutor Steve Fega attended Karl and Darby Rove dinner party for Siegelman's conviction.

Siegelman’s trial judge was federal judge Mark Fuller from Enterprise, AL. Fuller is a principal owner of Doss Aviation, Inc. a Colorado Springs firm located inside the United States Air Force Academy Colorado Springs, CO. Doss has dozens of CIA and FBI contracts and refuels Air Force One.


Fuller was formerly District Attorney for 12th Judicial Circuit, Alabama


Fuller was forced to resign after he beat his second wife like he did his first and was caught in an affair with another of his court employees.

A Bush Appointed Federal Judge - who with his father District Attorney Kenneth Fuller, oversaw and Guided the Rise of "Vladimir Putin's Russian Mafia" from ruins of the Phenix City, Alabama Mafia Of 1960's. The current and former group members are comprised of active and reserve duty servicemen, police officers, prosecutors and judges, as the Russian Mafia took over Alabama and Florida State Courts and law enforcement. Fuller's office is based from Enterprise, AL.

During early March 2007 Karl and Darby Rove hosted a dinner party for Siegelman’s prosecutors and their wives at Rove’s Rosemary Beach Townhouse to celebrate the successful prosecution of political opponent Donald Eugene Siegelman.

Michael Gavin the 2007 FBI Supervisory agent at Montgomery, AL shown seated acknowledged receipt by telephone machine tape 3 days after the Saturday night dinner party at the Rove's confirming the complaint report had been sent to the appropriate authorities and thanks for your assistance.

Operatives use identity deception.

Mrs. Henry Shirley Obituary from New Jersey Newspaper, Alan and Chris Bense's mother.

Chris Bense is thought to be an almost look alike brother to Alan Bense, former Speaker of Florida House and business partner to Charles L. Hilton and deceased Charles Faircloth a co-founder of the KGB network from Abbeville, AL. Faircloth was associated with banker Mitchell Dowling, Sr. who established Collins Signs at Napier Field, Alabama.

Charles Faircloth below was a money launder and developer of massive beach condominium complexes and mortgage companies for the KGB Russian Mafia. Faircloth along with partners Bill Grimsley, a son of Gangster Al Capone's attorney, Charles L. Hilton and John Russell Arnold a Maryland banker founded Beach State Bank.

Beach State bank was a incorporated in 1958 setting the banking part of the network up with aid of United Fruit (Guatemala) and Carl Linder's (AFG) Cincinnati Ohio, American Financial Group. During the late 50's early 60's. Faircloth owned and operated Continental Fisheries at Fulton Fish Market in New York, NY. Faircloth employed Cuban-born agents formerly on the payroll of New Jersey mobsters. He later sold and financed high dollar commercial property he owned to former explosives expert Army Ranger David Meadows, a brother to Army Ranger Steve Meadows then Florida State Attorney 14th Judicial Circuit.

Faircloth's group commercial fished around Nicaragua, Honduras and smuggled Marijuana back into the United States along with seafood. In the 1978 time frame during the Sandy Creek smuggling-murder case Carmen Penta Deputy Director of Intelligence of the United States Central Intelligence agency from Guatemala stepped in and established Miracle Mile Resort and took over Barefoot Beach Resort on Panama City Beach.

Network members implemented KGB plans to raise money and in early 1980's to overpower State and federal courts of Alabama and North Florida. They placed their members as prosecutors into district attorneys offices of Alabama and Florida enabling them to evade prosecution of their various criminal enterprises.

Panama City Beach Businessman who helped found Mafia Gang from Abbevile, Al in 70's.
Bill Grimsley Al Capone's Attroney's son a Faircloth Family member is shown far left at Fiarcloth's funeral.

Grimsley far left, John Daniel 4th from right and other gang members at Faircloth funeral.

7 Leaders of the network top tier capos are shown from rear of the funeral tent.

Faircloth stands with Bay County building and planning employees. Condominium purchaser's never paid property taxes on units due to a hidden property Appraiser policy of never declaring the complex's complete with certain developers.

Hilton suddenly died last night September 29, 2018.

Charles L. Hilton above a Russian Mafia Gangster partner to Faircloth who covertly employed Pablo Escobar's first cousin as his Hotel Manager to facilitate International cocaine smuggling and murder errant business associates.

Hilton paid Bay County Sheriff's deputies to murder his business associate Riley Robinson who worked a crew of Ukraine painters in Tampa distributing heroin.

Robinson was under investigation by the IRS for failure to file his 941 taxes on employees and was addicted to cocaine. Hilton promised to make it go away, Robinson was murdered by deputies that weekend with hands cuffed behind his back after deputies forcefully removed him from his home in wee morning hours and showed a dry-cleaning bag of cocaine down his throat. Stating his death was a accidental cocaine overdose. Autopsy showed he suffocated to death due to a piece of laundry bag blockage to Robinson's right lung.

Charles Hilton attends meeting where Mafia developers try to pass legislation making all Florida beaches private.

Legislation was introduced by Hilton's partner Alan Bense Speaker of Florida House who was successful amending the Sunshine Act to conceal Death Certificates, Estate filings and Divorces in order for the Mafia to murder people and steal their estates.

Collins Signs facility was engaged in importation of Child Pornography master tapes for duplication from China and human trafficking from Southeast Asia. Collins uses USAF C-130 aircraft and pilots paid by Fort Rucker, Alabama base accounting.

Lockheed Martin C-130 Hercules repair facilities were used by (DIA-KGB) Russia Mafia operatives to smuggle hard narcotics, child pornography, human trafficking into the United States at South Alabama airfields in United States Attorney General Jeff Session's territory in Alabama and North Florida since 1978.

One of Collins pilot's Scott Lyman had his estranged wife arrested and jailed after she broke into his Dothan apartment and copied 350+ child porn images from his computer.

Alabama Bureau of Investigation obtained possession of the photos. Lyman's ex was prosecuted for burglary by District Attorney Mark Fuller after she sought to have a federal grand jury at Montgomery to hear evidence of the Russian Mafia network during 1998.

Mrs. Lyman's criminal prosecution history Houston County Alabama court record is shown below. Mrs. Lyman wound up in the street as her house was taken from her by Enterprise principal Milton McGregor

The Russian Mafia is especially ruthless with ex-wives and enemies they often use 3 court deputies, to lead you to the courthouse door at gunpoint and threaten to jail or kill you if you don't walk away.

Alabama and North Florida court victims of the Russian Mafia are left hopeless and powerless often wanting to kill court judges and clerks who routinely destroy or alter key documents victims need to keep their homes or obtain justice.

Citizens in Alabama and North Florida are at a boiling point for a violent rebellion. Many have succumbed to serious Post Traumatic Stress, due to endemic public and court corruption coupled with unabated extra-judicial murder.

The FBI has been powerless with no jurisdiction to intervene as the bureau in Alabama and North Florida was totally compromised by the KGB until 2009.

All the named individuals are deep Russian Mafia players. Both Bense brothers are step-sons of deceased Sgt. Henry Shirley of General Mike Flynn's (DIA) Defense Intelligence Agency formerly a staffer at the Bush White House, involved in child porn human trafficking and international drug trafficking.

Trump Former National Security Director Mike Flynn plead guilty

The Defense Intelligence Agency computer servers located in VA. are used to supply a constant feed of child pornography to subscribers.

Listening to Bense's audio tape other Alabama judicial figures are identified from personal knowledge of those persons by this author. Bense did not know he was being taped. This author has supplied the FBI with many secret tapes over a 1o year period concerning the Russian Mafia. In addition the FBI obtained court orders to wiretap this author's telephones.

High level FBI official Michael Gavin

Agent Gavin became head of the FBI's National Covert Operations, Assistant Director of the San Francisco Bay area office among other high level top FBI positions since 2007.

In America using the United States Department of Justice and the Courts to stifle your political enemies is an unlawful criminal act. The Bush Administration nominated Brett Kavanaugh to his current position. It took 3 years of fights and hearings to get him appointed and the Bush White House is remembered for the U.S. Attorneys firing cases where decent ethical people refused to do wrong and destroy innocent people were simply fired by Bush.

Joseph Siegelman, Son of Former Governor Donald Eugene Siegelman shown above

Joseph Siegelman Democratic Nominee for Attorney General of Alabama filed a freedom of information Act federal court suit to access his father’s Justice Department case files. The D.O.J. is denying his request and seeks to keep Don Siegelman’s case records from review.

why target don siegelman?

United States 11th Circuit Appeals Court Judge Robert Vance

DECLARATION OF WAR upON COURTs of united states

In late 1989 11th Circuit Federal Appeals judge Robert Vance shown above was instantly killed with his head ripped off after a mail-bomb-package laced with 8 penny D finishing nails exploded in his face.

Judge Vance was then Alabama Attorney General Don Siegelman's former law partner and close ally.

Judge Vance was believed to be ruling in favor of the Christic Institute on a civil RICO case on appeal to him from the United States District Court at Miami. Defendant's in the case were Admiral John Poindexter and CIA officials involved in cocaine smuggling in the Iran-Contra network.

During February through December 1989 and at times afterward existence of the plan in the United States has become increasingly documented, analyzing evidence of a tightly-knit Dixie and Russian Mafia aligned group within the United States Military Intelligence community from Phenix City, AL., Fort Benning, GA, Fort Rucker, Maxwell, AFB, AL put into action a series of segments from the KGB plan staging violent, deadly mail-bomb terrorist attacks against members of the United States federal and state judiciary in Alabama, Georgia, Maryland and various other states.

Prior to the 1989 attacks, a terror letter-writing campaign began with individual threat letters mailed to state court judges in Alabama and Maryland. In August 1989 the group mailed a “Declaration of War” letter to newspaper and television stations in 13 different cities within the United States.

In October 2011, the FBI Counter-Intelligence Division at Mobile believed the same Russian Mafia paramilitary group had hijacked 6 nuclear armed Boeing Cruise Missile's in August 2007 when the weapons were flown from Minot AFB to Barksdale, LA. Some of the suspected members were employed at the Alabama Attorney General's office.

From 1989 forward it is believed the same individuals launched a wave of mail-bombings, aircraft crashes and related domestic terror events against the 11th Circuit Federal Appeals Court, the NAACP Atlanta became victim of a tear gas attack, 7 Southern Company Vice-Presidents died in fiery aircraft crashes in less than two weeks.

Southern Company auditing committee members and their families were executed with a bullet behind the ear while kneeling trapped execution style in “thumb-cuffs” hands behind their backs. None of these hits were robberies or personal they were cold blooded professional murders.

Decoy targets, Robert E. Robinson of Savannah, GA. were attacked, but intended target’s 11th Circuit Federal Appeals Judge Robert Vance a law partner to future Alabama Governor Don Siegelman and Gulf Power Vice President Jake Horton of Pensacola, Florida were left in a maze of victims.

The existence of a long-term plan was first exposed to the United States Central Intelligence Agency in 1961 by KGB plans defector Major Anatoliy Golitsyn from Ukraine after he defected at Helsinki, Finland to the United States.

The refined plan functions strategically well against the United States and emerging world democracies by deploying any means necessary to achieve results derailing budding democracies like the Ukraine revolution during 2013-14. It is well suited to psychological warfare and the non-battlefield infiltration of governments, their physical and human infrastructure, using infiltration, penetration war methods giving measurable results, triumphs from leading-edge electronic technology.

The Plan is a terrorist weapon of choice due to affordable low-cost efficiency without losing valuable hardware assets. During 2010, the F.B.I. was made keenly aware amendments to National Security Presidential Executive Order 12,333 by both Presidents Bush and Reagan created a penetration hole in the privatization section that allowed lax and almost non-existent review and vetting of private security contractors and their affiliated companies for America’s military bases and ports.

As a result the Russian Mafia had a security contract to guard a considerable share of America’s military bases and ports.

DSI Security at Dothan, Alabama held those contracts. DSI Security is a firm funded and promoted by Ukrainian born businessman Herbert Meisler, a known Russian Organized Crime figure suspected of being a key facilitator of the KGB’s long range plan inside the United States.

Herbert Meisler, Ukraine businessman confirmed Russian Mafia figure-head above, owner of Colonial Properties Trust, holder of thousands of Americas multiple apartment-home communities.

Meisler introduced Donald Trump to his wife Marla Maples who was a Hebert Meisler employee located at Panama City Beach when Maples worked for Meisler at Edgewater Beach Resort at Panama City Beach, Fl.

DSI Security was founded by Houston County Alabama Sheriff A.B. Clark in the 70’s. Clark’s brother Charles spent time in federal prison at Maxwell AFB for insurance and mail fraud covering for his business partner Milton McGregor a known money launder and now deceased Russian Mafia figure associated with Sheldon Adelson who in the 1970's developed the computer trade show COMDEX. Adleson went on to build casino resorts in Las Vegas and Asia, and later ventured into politics, generously supporting Republican causes and candidates.

McGregor, Right with his attorney Espy, at Montgomery Bribery Trial of Alabama lawmakers. Ronnie Gilley a McGregor co-defendant plead guilty after the FBI Counter-Intelligence Division at Mobile during December 2010 learned Gilley's own lawyer now United States Senator Doug Jones reportedly solicited a hit on his own client Ronnie Gilley.

Days afterward Jones unexpectedly recused himself from representing Gilley, citing conflicts of interest.

Gilley's bail was unexpectedly revoked and he was jailed at the Montgomery, Alabama city jail where he broke the chain of command inside the Russian Mafia and telephoned Attorney David Jerome Harrison.

Harrison was then a close friend and direct contact to DIA General Mike Flynn's porn network principal, John T. Moorman of Las Vegas, NV and Jay, Florida. Harrison a former Houston County, Alabama sheriff's deputy and former DOJ was prison counselor to Colombian "Cartel leader Carlos Lehder Rivas" .

Harrison was convicted during the mid 90's of conspiracy to distribute Meth and was back from prison operating as an attorney in the U.S. District Court at Montgomery after Judge Mark Fuller hid Harrison's federal criminal conviction history sealed inside the Clerks office.

Moorman owned Nudist Resorts which incorporated children in a family style setting. Moorman's St. Petersburg, Fl family portrait business operated Pay-Per-View looks at photos hosted by (DIA) Defense Intelligence Agency servers in VA.

Moorman's partner at "Alamo Title" was former Pasco, Fl, Sheriff John Short and Booksville attorney Thomas Hogan. Alamo Title secretly deeded land to top state law enforcement officers on the Russian Mafia payroll. Hogan a friend of Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi, is currently under IRS investigation for offshore money laundering involving partnerships with convicted pedophiles.

DSI Security contracts include Southern Company’s Farley Nuclear Plant at Gordon, Alabama. The Farley plant was under investigation by a secret NRC and D.O.J. Task Force. The investigation was abruptly closed and sealed in name of National Security after 7 of Southern company executives were killed in separate airplane crashes in 1989. Farley was a facility suspected to have been involved in loss or theft of spent "U235" rods that were stored and after 8 years of use may be used for Plutonium processing.

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