Cause and Effect of Exploration Anthony flores

European exploration:European Renaissance in the late 14th century the period known as the Middle Ages. Europe experienced political, social, and military discord during this time.

cause: 1) European needed new trade routes because the old ones where just not working out so you know how it is.

2) European really wanted to grow and to do that you need money and power that means they went out to get it

3) the competition was getting bigger and bigger so Europe again going back to the cause 2 Europe needed power.

effects: 1) Europe found america and them being who they are they imported slaves to help them work on colonizing america.

2) because of the European had gone to a new land they found natives and both had fought each other over land.

3) while exploring other land the European had found out about other religions but tried to convince others to follow in there religion.

Incas invasion: the Incas had been invaded by the Spanish for spice and gold.

cause: 1) the Spanish wanted spices because spices was worth a lot of money.

2) the Spanish also wanted gold and silver because the Incas had a lot of it and it was worth a lot of money.

3) the man who was leading this was looking for the spice islands but went to the Incas instead i think.

effects: 1) because of the Spanish guy they got in a fight with the Incas so people died mostly the the Incas. the Spanish took over.

2) even more people died because the Spanish brought over sickness over that the Incas could not stop.

3) so i think after this a civil war happen and i think one of the main guys died.

Spanish armada: the Spanish had made an army on the sea because they had some beef with the English guys.

cause:1) the Spanish had sent out an army because the plans of the English guys was going to interfere with the Spanish plans.

2) the English had took them down with ease because of canons on they where up hill.

3) so the captain (duke guy) had to tell his men to go back to Spain

effects:1) the Spanish armada is now over because of the English had won the battle

2) one year later the English had set up a counter with the Spanish guys.

3) but the Spanish counter was unsuccessful and the english had lost a lot of men and ships.

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