Reform Movements By Jayden McDonnell and London Floyd Period 1

The Era of Good Feelings in the United States was a time that reflected a sense of national purpose and a desire of unity among Americans. This was after the War of 1812. This made the American people feel a great sense of nationalism.

Anti-slavery movement is the movement to abolish or end slavery. There were a lot of people who supported this movement. Fredrick Douglas,Lucy Stone, and Wendell Phillips just to name a few.

The prison reform is the attempt to improve conditions inside prisons, establish a more effective penal system, or implement alternatives to incarcerate. Johnny cash advocated for this movement and this movement also helped the mentally handicapped.

Women's rights is the movement that all women should get the same rights as men do. One of the rights were women getting the right to vote. Women at that time had no property rights, and once they got married all of her stuff is now her husband's. In divorce cases and child custody they favored men more than women.

The temperance movement is the movement that promotes complete abstinence. By creating laws to make it less available or just completely banning it.

Education reforms is the movement that started public schools for all children. It began in Massachusetts by a man named Horace Mann.

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