Your final athlete info pack



  • 6:30 - 8 - Early Team Registration
  • 7 - 8:30 - Team Profile Photography


  • 7:30 - 10 - Team Registration
  • 8 - 4 - Team Profile Photography
  • 8:15 - Optional Workout Brief
  • 3:30 - 4:30 - Early Team Registration


  • 7:30 - 10 - Team Registration
  • 8:00 - Optional Workout Brief


The heat timetable is now complete. Please note that you will compete on both floors, so you will need to check the appropriate files to find all of your heat timings.

Alternatively, you can find your personal schedule by clicking your team name on the leaderboard, linked below.

The order of workouts is not the same for all teams, Please note your running order and floor assignments (A/B):

Saturday One Day Teams - All Middle Ground Pairs. Devils Row (B) - Barbell Cycle (B) - Sprint Nate (A) - Chipper (A)

Sunday One Day Teams - Scaled, Elite 75+ and RX Pairs. Sprint Nate (A) - Chipper (A) - Barbell Cycle (B) - Devils Row (B)

All Mixed Fours - Saturday: Sprint Nate (A) - Chipper (A) - Cluster Assault (B). Sunday: Devils Row (B) - Barbell Complex (B) - Worm Fran (A) - Final (top 6) (A)

Elite Pairs - Saturday: Devils Row (B) - Barbell Cycle (B) - Cluster Assault (B). Sunday: Sprint Nate (A) - Chipper (A) - Worm Fran (A) - Final (top 6) (A)


Here are the final workout descriptions and guidelines documents

Each workout includes

  • Description
  • Lane Layout
  • Flow description
  • Key Movement standards
  • Unusual Movement Standards
  • Synchro Points

Please note that we have briefed movements that are commonly performed incorrectly, and unusual movements. We haven't briefed basic movements as we expect all competitive athletes to know the standards required in basic gymnastics, barbell movements, etc

We will publish this document on social media, along with an invite to ask any questions not covered within the guidelines. Please keep questions practical. We will post on Wednesday evening and respond on Thursday evening


All categories will use a highest points wins scoring method. First place in each event will be worth 100 points, with the points per place in each following position determined by the number of teams in that division, and the points scales (see link below)

We use the standard method to split tiebreaks. The team with the highest individual workout result will be placed higher. If this method doesn't produce a result, we will use the second highest, and so on. If teams are still tied after this method, then the team with the highest placing in Sprint Nate will be placed higher.



Please see the simplified venue plan above. Entrance is via the foyer at the bottom of the image. This is directly off the car park, and is where both athlete and spectator registration will be held

Athlete control will be situated around the top of each respective warmup area. Please check in with one of the Athlete Control Team at last ten minutes before your heat is due to start.

Yes, the floor B warmup area is in a marquee. The marquee is heated and should be sufficient to allow you to prepare for workouts. If we deem that the marquee is completely unsuitable, we will relocate some of the floor B warmup into floor A warmup. Please note that if you do warm up in Floor A, you will be solely responsible for checking in with Floor B Athlete Control in sufficient time.


We will have details next week of all the equipment that is being sold by our event partners, Wolverson Fitness. But in the meantime we wanted to let you know about an amazing deal they are offering.

They are pre-selling their compact event bars for just £110, which is a huge discount on their normal price - https://wolverson-fitness.co.uk/collections/bars/products/stealth-compact-bar

At just 1.7m in length, these are a great option for both home gyms, and commercial facilities, that are looking to maximise their space available. All teams will be using these bars in the workout, Barbell Cycle

To pre-order, just get in touch with Jordan from Wolverson: - jhill@wolverson-fitness.com

Compete Force Two Man Worms will also be available to buy and takeaway on the weekend. These are priced at £200 for a two man worm and £400 for a four man worm. Please get in touch with Compete Force on Instagram to order yours.


Spectator tickets are available to pre-order from the link below for just £12.95. They will also be available to buy on the weekend for £15.

Spectators will check in via the entrance foyer, staying to the right.

Missed the first athlete packs? Here are the links


The Battle For Middle Ground is proud to be sponsored by the following great brands for Trinity War


Wolverson Fitness -https://wolverson-fitness.co.uk/


Foodspring Athletics - https://www.foodspring.co.uk/


Blue Dinosaur - https://bluedinosaur.co.uk/


In addition to our sponsors, you can look forward to visiting the following stores in our vendor area situated in the Hangar


Can we bring dogs? - No, the venue does not allow dogs, or any other animals within it's facilities. This includes the track and field areas

Can we bring our own food and drinks? - Yes

Will we able to pay by card? - The majority of vendors will accept card, however you may wish to check with individual brands

Are there shower and changing facilities? - No, there are plenty of toilets, but no dedicated changing facilities or showers within the venue

Any immediate questions? - Please reply to the email we sent this link in and we will endeavour to get straight back to you