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A deeper look

10 years. 10 years of achievements. 10 years of improvement. 10 years worth of yearbooks. Each year, the yearbook strives to enhance its product, each book better than the next. And that was my goal. I, Anam Chamadia, as the senior editor of the 2016-2017 yearbook— the school's 10 year anniversary book— have worked wholeheartedly with the rest of the yearbook staff to create a product that not only showcased the year's events but also encompassed 10 years worth of pride, excellence, and memories. There were many ups and downs along the way, and a lot of expectations were held above our heads. But we used these expectations, not as sources of panic and fear, but as sources for inspiration and motivation. We didn't let the expectations chase us...


Self-analytical Evaluation

By serving as the senior editor of the yearbook this year, I was faced with several challenges. Having experience as the junior editor was extremely beneficial, and I believe this allowed the veteran staff members to already be prepared for what was to come. It was important to me not only to be able to address my role with the staff but to also be able to maintain a peer-on-peer relationship with them. I am content with the way I served this year, and I hope I was able to be an effective team leader.

Having been a part of the yearbook staff for three years, I have grown somewhat attached to this course and what it has to offer. I have never considered this an "easy A" and believe that each assignment requires careful planning and consideration, whether it be a student life spread or a module for the mugs section. By adding the responsibilities of being the senior editor, I wanted to be fully invested into the book, just as I have been in the past. At times, it was difficult. There were moments where I questioned myself. There were moments where I felt as if wasn’t being taken seriously. There were moments where just wanted to give up. But I kept going.

reflection 1

I believe that the senior superlative pictures were a significant part of my work this year. Since I have already had experience planning and taking senior superlative pictures from last year and counting votes from the year before, I was already aware of the process going into this year. This year's design template for the senior superlatives, created by Suma Gangasani, is different from any other superlative design that has been used in the past. Following the book's theme for the year, the template consists of four small parallelograms as the image placeholders; since these were small placeholders, I planned to taking the superlative pictures close up rather then far away.

The main challenge for the senior superlatives this year was to select different locations and poses for each category. I made majority of the location suggestions for last year’s yearbook, so I needed to have a unique mindset in order to plan them for the current yearbook. My thought process was to choose locations where one might find the superlative duo. For example, Mr. and Ms. GSMST can be found at the front of our school welcoming guests, while the Next Mark Zuckerbergs crack open a good book in the SRC.

reflection 2

Example divider design

I believe that the divider designs are an element that could use more work. My initial approach was to have a simple design for the divider; I do feel that this design may be too simple. I wanted to use design elements in for a clean and minimal look. I took the slant from the cover and traced it, drawing inspiration from the cover's overlapping text idea. Instead of keeping the slant at the top of the page, I varied its position to the bottom. This design also differs from previous divider designs because is is minimal. Instead of providing school stats, I chose a cleaner approach to the dividers, and I do not regret this decision. Overall, I am happy with the look of the dividers, but I would choose to improve upon them if possible.

Reflection 3

I believe that I gave my all into this book, just as I have in every other book I have been a part of. Throughout my experience this year, I have had to learn how to make quick decisions and accommodate to certain situations. This involved calm and rational thinking on my part in order to deliver the appropriate solution and still effectively manage time. Throughout the years, I have obtained skills that deal with not only the creation and production of a product, but I have also been a part of the marketing and distribution of the same. I hope to have been a reliable and supportive senior editor as I have had an incredible time doing so.

Final Products

Spread Design Template #1

This is the first design template I have created. It has been flipped both horizontally and vertically in order to vary the order in which it appears throughout the book. It encompasses 8 image placeholders in addition to the dominant photo. The area and font for this year’s copy are smaller than usual, providing more room on the spread to cover pictures from events and activities throughout the tenth year of GSMST. The original design included all basic elements of design (pica spacing, eyeline, etc.). However, after adding in content, most spreads have been altered from the original design. The spread also includes a unique and new element in this year’s yearbook— a feature module. The feature module was inspired from another yearbook. It provides a chance to highlight a particular member of the school— past or present— as we reflect back on the last ten years.

Spread Design Template #2

One of our main priorities as part of the yearbook staff is to cover as many people as possible. I kept this goal in mind while designing the second spread template. This spread template has the smallest copy of all the spread templates, but it includes 7 image placeholders, along with a module covering up to 5 different people. This spread was also flipped in different ways to provide more variety to the book. Once again, this particular spread has been altered from the previous design, which is why the eyeline, which was included in the initial design, is now missing. Another way this template has been altered on other spreads is the reduction of the number of people included in the module; this would be to provide room for a larger copy.

Spread Design Template #3

Usually, there are 2 design templates that are utilized for the academics and clubs/events sections in the yearbook. This year, I tried to incorporate something new. I included a third template. Unlike the first two, this template could not be altered horizontally or vertically due to the diagonal design element in the module. This spread still follows all design elements and rules, but it included elements of advanced design. One way this design could be better might be to add an element that would distinguish the diagonal module, possibly a colored box element. Spreads have altered this design template as well, however it does originally follow all elements of basic and some of advanced design. Despite all the changes, I am proud of the incorporation of a third staple spread template.

2016-2017 Yearbook Cover Initial Proof

The primary inspiration for the 2016-2017 yearbook cover design was an Instagram post of a magazine article (shown below). In order to make the design our own, we altered a few things. We changed the direction of the slant, overlapped two layers of text, and integrated an ampersand in the center of the title. In honor of the ten year anniversary of the school, our color scheme triumphed as the school colors, and accent colors were also later introduced in the table of contents. I shot an anterior picture of the school which was used in the background of the entire lid. Later, the design was tweaked; for example, the slant was changed to be consistent with the direction of the roof of the school. The final example of the lid of our book is matte and uses a special offset texture for the text on the cover.

Inspiration for 2016-2017 yearbook cover design
Yearbook Ladder 2016-2017

One of the major tasks associated with creating the yearbook ladder for this year was to peruse through the preference sheets of the entire staff. From there I made the necessary decisions to assign each staff member to the spread that would be the most appropriate for him to do. I started by assigning each member to at least one student life spread. Each spread consisted of a pair of staff members, while some spreads had three staff members. I carried out a similar process of assigning student life and clubs and events spreads. One of the main goals achieved was to ensure that the staff was evenly distributed among a similar range of spreads. There were changes made to this ladder throughout the production process; the changes were not drastic and did not effect the final product. Overall, while creating this vital outline, I did my best to assign each spread to staff members most qualified to create it, while secondarily trying to adhere to the requests of the staff members.


I believe that I have done my best to go above and beyond in order to make the ten year anniversary book the best it can be. From careful delegation of tasks to independently taking senior superlative pictures and from designing not two but three spread templates to editing spreads, I have made yearbook a top priority. Even though I have not been graded on specific spreads per say, I have had a small impact on every spread, and I believe this deserves at least an A.


A closer look at the bigger picture

As we wrap up this reflection, this yearbook, this decade, we look back at all we have accomplished. We rejoice at the completion of our product. We smile at the proof of our cover because it gives us a sneak peak and shows us that our work is finally going to pay off. We take notice of our setbacks, promising to be more prepared in the future. Now, keeping these things in mind, we take a step back. Something is different. On the surface, it is all familiar; it looks the same. But something has changed. Another year has passed and another yearbook made. Now all there is to do is wait and see if we lived up to all these expectations. But once thing is for sure: we weren't chased by the pressures of expectations, we ran towards the joy of fulfilling them at the finish line.

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