Father Rob Yaksich Honoring #HeroPriests

Father Rob Yaksich | Our Lady of Sorrows, Las Vegas, NM

Submitted by: Olivia Jean Newfield

Fr. Rob immediately became proactive in reaching out to his parish family and friends throughout the country by providing live streaming of daily and Sunday Mass, funerals and weddings. Besides these, he produced weekly live streamed classes, providing very interesting sessions on the Old Testament through Revelation. He teamed with his associate pastor, Fr. Tim, both of them doing extensive research, cross-references, and fascinating and humorous anecdotes. Fr. Rob also provided weekly Bible Study posting references and study guides on the parish website, as well as daily updates, inspiring meditations and feast day celebrations, keeping the community promptly informed.

His parish family also includes academic students and faculty, reaching out to them as well by means of live-stream Theology on Tap sessions focused on Christ-centered topics. The live stream Bible and Theology sessions enabled participants to interact with questions and comments in real time.

All other parish functions that could have been interrupted by COVID-19, were scheduled and conducted in a timely manner with affection and care for participants and their families, while strictly observing disinfection, mask use, and distancing requirements.

Social functions of the parish took on a more spiritual and contemplative focus. For example, instead of the patron saint fiesta, with booths and games, Fr. Rob will have a procession with Our Lady of Sorrows icon through downtown Las Vegas with distancing requirements.

In addition to his ministry to several mission parishes, Fr. Rob has often used his days off to travel 70 miles to Santa Fe to anoint hospital patients and to visit former parishioners. Through these, many faithful have felt deeply consoled and connected to our Catholic faith traditions.

Fr. Rob has never sought gratitude or praise, but has humbly maintained his dedication to serving above and beyond obligations.

Every age group has been thoughtfully encircled with deep concern and affection. We have never felt alone along this journey. We know that Fr. Rob will be by our side every step of the way guiding and offering his strength, humor and love to each of us.

Talk about a hero, here he is: Fr. Rob Yaksich.