Journey log 10 Engagement

Throughout this past week I have to be more engaged in the class because of the class project I have been in charged with. I signed up to be the guild leader of the rhetorical analysis and the technical manual. For the rhetorical analysis I had to adjust my way of managing to figure out the best way to get everyone to do their part. I wanted to make sure everything got done on time without having to be on top of everyone. I was able to get my job done by keeping everyone informed on due dates and what is expected. I thought that I did pretty well considering the short amount of time I had and the amount of people I had to manage. Overall everyone did a great job keeping up with the due dates and getting done what was needed by the end. I am very happy with the group I had and being able to communicate well enough with each of them.

Now, I only have to worry about the technical manual with the whole class. The first group seemed to do a great job and is really engaged in the project. I am concerned with next group of us will not be able to put everything together cohesively. I am very pleased with how everyone seems to be engaged with the project and I have engaged myself into the class to learn how to work with a large group and being in control. This class has been the first class that I have been engaged more with a group of people and putting myself in control. I have surprised myself with how well I have done so far.

I have now worked with minecraft more and am working on my next build. I built the pride rock in the Lion King which I thought I did a pretty good job but looking back I could of done a different build for Scar or put more detail to it to look more like Scar's sanctuary. I didn't have a lot of time to build it considering of how many other things I had to do and I also hate building in minecraft so I think overall I did my best. I wish I put more of a creative spin on it but it is very hard to do when I am using a program I haven't used before. I also got very frustrated while building the pride rock.

I also I had to do an analysis on my partner Drew's sanctuary for Ramsay from Game of Thrones. I thought he did a great job on his build and he put a lot of creativity into it and really thought about his build. My only problem with doing his analysis was that I don't know Ramsay or the show. With me not knowing anything about him or the show I didn't know what the castle was or what it should look like. I had a very hard time trying to piece everything together and what it should look like based on the character. 

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