What does a 5 year old draw? "Formative assessment"

I have a great student, she is 5 years old and ofcourse she is the best student I know. I'm not a teacher so I really don't know to assess the work of students. Here a some drawings of my sweet little girl and on some of them I really don't know what she drawn but I will 'assess' them.

The snowman

This is a snowman, It's well drawn for a 5 year old but I think that the two circles where made by her teacher. The drawing looks cute but also a little bit scary, the snowman has very black eyes and his nose looks like a beak instead of a carrot. She used 'real' colors, a brown broom, an orange carrot, a white body and snowflakes. Because of that I think she saw an example of it in a book, on the wall or on other children their drawings. For what I know at home she mostly use one color for the whole drawing. I like it and think that is very creative because of the use of different colors but I also think that is not her way of drawing a snowman.

Credits: Lois van Soest

The alien

I really like this one, I call it the alien. She made this, used a creative scissors to cut it out and used some heavy glue to paste it on her bedroom wall. That last part I didn't like ;) Like I mentioned above, she uses normally one color for her drawings. It is also a little bit scary and this is also the part I think I have to check what she is watching on YouTube! What I like are the teeth. She used a magic color pen because of the glue they become orange.

Credits: Lois van Soest


This is me according my child. I'm very thin in her eyes I guess. I'm tall and not so thin I used to be so this is how she sees me. Tall, thin and eating ;) No hair? I can't see if it is a mouth or a cookie. I can see that this is a drawing that belongs to a 3 year old kid and not 5. It was a quick draw where she wanted the focus on the eating I think. I like it of course!

Credits: Lois van Soest

Lois and the balloon

I see a happy Lois with balloon who walks home. She uses three colors, pink/yellow/blue. I'm not surprised of the pink balloon because she always chooses the pink balloon. The blue stripes are rain I guess. I think the nose holes are funny and like the typical fork hands. It's a cute drawing and hopefully she will make more of them.

Credits: Lois van Soest

That's it! This was my way of assessment a student. Thank you for watching.

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