ADHD: Action Does Help Disorders By Zach Bardy

- I chose this picture because it shows what I am going to be talking about, that there are treatments or practices teachers can teach their students with ADHD so they can test better and compete academically with their peers.

-These pictures represent the effects if teachers were to give the extra test time accommodation to the students with ADHD.


-Scranton represents an unfinished test, the clock represents time accommodation, and the 100% picture represents that ADHD students will score better with more time.

-2nd example of a test accommodation that a teacher can give to their students: separate testing.

-Students with ADHD usually have more test anxiety compared to their peers.

-I chose this picture because it shows a student more focused and less anxious when separated from the other students.

These pictures represent how teachers can help reduce test anxiety in their students with ADHD, by teaching them special study and test strategies.

The first picture represents anxiety because he is biting his nails, the second picture explains that test anxiety can be overcome by learning special study and test tips, and the third picture is an example of a strategy that teachers can teach their students with ADHD.


Created with images by PracticalCures - "ADHD Treatment" • brianc - "Scantron" • MrsTG - "Jan 14 A+ Earns a Free Choice Sticker!" • martaposemuckel - "smurfs school teacher" • Photo by Thomas - "Mid Autumn Fest" • YeriLee - "highlighter coloring fluorescent"

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