Global Shapers Advisory Council Last update: 08/Oct/2020

Our Advisory Council exists for one reason: to ensure Global Shapers are directly involved in our community’s governance. 40 Advisory Council members contribute 10-20 hours of volunteer time per month to help grow our community, manage conflict, uphold elections, engage alumni and evaluate our impact worldwide. In this document you will find:

Mission and Mandate

  • Influence the strategic development of the community
  • Increase transparency on how the community operates
  • Ensure strategic decisions reflect our collective diversity
  • Define what success looks like for the community and its activities
  • Facilitate the relationship between hubs, Global Shapers HQ and the Global Shapers Foundation Board to reinforce our distributed leadership model

Leadership and Areas of Action

Our Advisory Council leverages the diverse skills, networks and experiences of Shapers for the benefit of the community. We operate as one team with five specialised areas of action including:

  1. Governance and Accountability
  2. Hub Engagement and Growth
  3. Elections and Leadership
  4. Impact and Knowledge
  5. Alumni Engagement

Each area of action is steered by two Co-Chairs. Within one month of forming the Advisory Council, members appoint two individuals to serve as Chair and Co-Chair with a one year mandate to facilitate the five areas of action. In order to distribute leadership, the Chair's mandate is not renewable.

1. Governance and Accountability

In this area, members work to uphold our community’s values and ensure all Global Shapers have the right to equitable, fair and respectful treatment. Specifically, members:

  • Ensure all activities respect our Charter, Values, and Code of Conduct
  • Create space spaces and ensure members live-up to our Anti-Harassment Policy
  • Mediate conflict and support hubs to develop dispute resolution mechanisms
  • Review and resolve cases of harassment

Contact the Council members directly on TopLink or email governance@globalshapers.org.

2. Hub Engagement and Growth

Members work to achieve our strategic objective of 500 high-performance hubs and 10,000 mission-driven Shapers by 2021. Specifically, members:

  • Nominate new Founding Curators on an ongoing basis
  • Measure and monitor the number of Shapers per hub
  • Support hubs to identify, recruit, onboard and engage new members
  • Oversee the evolution of the Global Shapers Onboarding Guide
  • Identify barriers to achieve high-performance teams

Contact the Council members directly on TopLink or email engagement@globalshapers.org.

3. Impact and Knowledge

Members leverage and elevate a wide range of evidence including programme evaluations and hub project statistics to increase our impact and advance our community’s thought-leadership. Specifically, members:

  • Support hubs to implement a minimum of one project per year
  • Work with hubs to upload their results and projects on TopLink
  • Track progress and identify replicable projects to achieve our 2021 Areas of Impact
  • Develop strategic learning content to increase impact through peer exchange
  • Help Shapers tell their stories of impact on the Agenda

Contact the Council members directly on TopLink or email impact@globalshapers.org.

4. Elections and Leadership

Members ensure that hub elections are held across the community upholding the Charter and Elections Guidelines. Specifically, members:

  • Manage elections complaints in an impartial, anonymous and expeditious manner
  • Make recommendations during unsuccessful elections to either close the hub or upon further investigation, appoint a curator of its choosing
  • Veto candidates and curators who do not meet the election criteria
  • Support hubs to develop distributed leadership models

Contact the Council members directly on TopLink or email elections@globalshapers.org.

5. Alumni Engagement

Members oversee the onboarding, engagement and activities of the Alumni Network, a digital-first self-driven initiative for Shapers by Shapers. Specifically, members:

  • Oversee the evolution of the Alumni Network Charter
  • Support the annual onboarding of new Alumni members
  • Lead digital collaboration on TopLink, including the Alumni Newsletter
  • Design and facilitate online learning and peer exchange activities
  • Help Alumni tell their stories of impact on the Agenda

Contact the Council members directly on TopLink or email alumni@globalshapers.org

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long is the Advisory Council term?

Advisory Council members serve for two-year terms. They are typically active from the beginning of July to the end of June.

2. Who makes up the Advisory Council?

The Advisory Council is comprised of no more than 40 Shapers. Together, members:

  1. Act as role models of the community’s values
  2. Reflect the community’s diversity in terms of geography, gender, area of expertise and years of experience
  3. Have a proven track-record of leadership in the community and collaboration with fellow Shapers and Global Shapers HQ

3. What are the Advisory Council's responsibilities?

Advisory council members commit to the following minimum activities:

  • Hold one virtual meeting per month between members of the same area of action to advance each area’s mission. Minimum attendance is 10 calls per year out of 12.
  • Hold one virtual meeting every 3 months with Global Shapers HQ and members of the Advisory Council. HQ will share strategic updates with members for feedback.
  • Interact with Shapers online and face-to-face to help communicate strategic decisions to the community and elevate a wide range of ideas and concerns.
  • Act in a position of trust, safeguarding the privacy of Global Shapers and hubs worldwide, respecting the mission, vision and values of the community.

Some possible additional activities include being available to provide regular council to Global Shapers in response to inquiries, holding impromptu virtual meetings with Global Shapers HQ to resolve matters that arise unexpectedly, and providing feedback on programming, including SHAPE events and the Global Shapers Annual Summit.

4. How do we select Advisory Council members?


Members apply to join the Advisory Council every two years through an application to assess their expertise in one of the five areas of action. Shapers are required to outline how they can contribute to the area of action and what they have done in their hub to drive results. If applicable, candidates may select two areas of action they'd like to join.

This process also requires the successful completion of the Global Shapers Introduction Quiz. You will receive the quiz by email one week after the application deadline.

This process is designed to be open and transparent. All Shapers will be treated equally and have equal opportunity to join the Advisory Council. It is important that every hub ensures that anyone who is not contributing as a Shaper be removed from the hub in accordance with official guidelines.


All those who submit their names will be presented to the existing Advisory Council for review. A check will be made to ensure eligibility criteria are met. Council members will assess applications and provide the Head of the Global Shapers Community with a recommendation for the council composition taking into consideration our diversity.


The Head of the Global Shapers Community will finalize and approve the council composition and send confirmation to the newly selected Advisory Council members outlining their mandate and area of action. Newly selected Advisory Council members will be required to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement to begin their 2019-2021 mandate.

5. Who is eligible to join the Advisory Council?

  • A member of the community for at least 2 years.
  • A role model of the community’s values and mission.
  • Alumni and Founding Curators are eligible.
  • Preferred: Shapers who have attended a SHAPE event.
  • Not eligible: Shapers who will serve as Curator or Vice Curator serving at the same as an Advisory Council member. This means Advisory Council members are not eligible to run for Curator or Vice Curator. To successfully serve its mission, each role requires dedicated time and energy and should be a Shaper’s central focus.

6. Can Advisory Council members be terminated?

Yes. As ambassadors of the community, Advisory Council members are expected to meet or exceed the minimum requirements of their roles and responsibilities. In the case that a member does not meet minimum requirements, then the member must receive a written notice from the Chair of their area of action. If non-performance persists, the Head of the Global Shapers Community reserves the right to terminate the Shaper’s membership. Breach of the Non-Disclosure Agreement could also result in immediate expulsion from the Advisory Council and Global Shapers Community.

All Shapers are invited to provide feedback (positive and negative) about Advisory Council members to the Head of the Global Shapers Community.

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