Fresh Water vs. Polluted Water

Water content graph

Imagine we only have 2.5% of water, and it’s fresh.

What percent of water is polluted? Is it all polluted?


70 PERCENT! Is polluted by us, humans. SO there are more polluted water than fresh water, which is not good.

How is fresh water polluted?

Plastic, lead, copper, oil, and chemicals make up most of the water pollution


Where is the fresh water polluted?

The most likely answer would be....

anything that is a water source such as Lakes, Rivers, oceans, streams, etc., it could be fresh or it is Polluted (such as this picture)

Another example of a polluted lake is.....

What is wrong with this water? Is it just plain old water that was designed with color? Or is it just the way the water is?

An affect of fresh water

As you should know, water runs downhill, going to the water source, which also collects sediments from the ground, which is carried to the water source making the clean water dirty with sediments from the ground.

Where do we get our water from?

We obviously get our water from aquifers, aqueducts, reservoirs, etc.


In California, there is about 1 aquifer, which is called California Central Valley Aquifer System.

Also there are about 64 aquifers in North America!


There is also only one aqueducts called Governor Edmund G. Brown California Aqueduct.

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