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CY in short Chah Yee in full. Jump and Run is what I do most of the time. I have an asian eyes , I love ORGANIZING events , art & crafts. I expect this module to be fun and interesting!

Assignment 1: E-Portfolio

Exercise 1 : Stop Motion Animation

The lovey dovey Pigs

Two (P)ig met each other and fall in (L)ove at their first sight, after that they planned to go for a short gate away by taking (A)eroplan. Unfortunately, the plan crash and drop into the (Y)ellow HuangHe. In the end, they both become angels and stay sweet forever.

Group Photo

Exercise 2 : Viral content

NO drug,

no THUG.

exercise 3 : infographics

exercise 4 : mobile app

[ app name ] Easyfood

[ The main purpose of this app ] People nowadays would rather stay home than go out to buy food as the weather in Malaysia is killing. Therefore this app allows everyone to enjoy eating in their comfortable zone with chill.

[ The special of this app ] Typically when you order food from UberEats, Food panda or any other food app. It will not show you where is your food are in an exact location so EasyFood have this special feature to let you preview where is your food at. Furthermore, it also have the timing function for the food arrival, then you can estimate what time your food will be arriving. This app also gives you the chance to connect and talk to your friend as it have the group chat or chat room function so you can recommend food for your friend or whoever.

(Splash screen) of EasyFood (touch on the screen for next page)
(Sidebar) You will need to log in for delivery address and payment detail then only you are allow to use EasyFood for food ordering.
(Home Screen) of EasyFood app , user need to swipe up and down for more features
cont homepage
About us, explains what is the function of this app. Contact info includes contact number, address and map of company state so user can find the company if they have any problem.
Contact info
FAQ, Favourite Asked Questions
Terms & Conditions
Pick Your Food, regarding to the category that given which are Morning , Afternoon and Night. That means Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.
Morning, once you click in the app , there are variety of breakfast given. The user will know where are the food came from base on the restaurant name and picture given.
Afternoon, user will also know how many rank do the food and restaurant have. So it can give user a heads up of how delicious the food are based on the review.
Night, is for dinner food. Mainly it will be a bit heavier food and also more. For example Salad and others.
Your Order, similar to cart so the food will be listed at here if you click on the food that are selected.
Track your food, you are able to track your food and know where you food are. You will also know when is your food reaching.
As for this, you can track your food by pressing the map and know where is it exactly are for the moment.
Earn points, this app allow you to snap more for more benefits. just an easy step, snap . tag. post then you are granted for discount in your future purchase.
Your wall, this wall is like forum where you can share your food review and also talk about the taste of food or others to your friend and anyone.

Assignment 2: Video

We would like to taste local food in kuala lumpur. Explore delicious food. to be more innovative. with food advertising through social media. to promise local food to tourist. idea : food hunting.




script / treatment

Assignment 3: Chat Stickers

Brief explanation about your concept development.


a) Happy
Whenever Dumbo (Dumpling) is happy, he will shakes both of his hands into relax position
Dumbo is sad and when it reach the stage where he couldn't tackle his emotion, his will need to cry with raindrops so it can cheer him up a little bit with the weather as he is pluviophile person
c) angry
When Dumbo gets angry he will be extremely mad as the burning flame
d) confused
Dumbo is a bit slow in thinking so he messed up the understanding most of the time and make himself confused, so he will jump here and there with questions mark in his mind
e) sleepy
Dumbo will never get enough sleep so he do feel sleepy all the time in anywhere. He sleeps with his mouth open and with snores.
f) Working
Dumbo jobs is to clean up all the poops in several places, he always gives those kind of puppy eyes when it comes to work because he is lazy in working
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chah yee



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