Amara Allinger b6

The top cut is a brunoise. The next one down is a julienne. Then a small dice and a batonnet (the rest is scraps).
I would like to own an immersion blender. I found it on amazon for $30.
We were learning about different ways to cook things. We learned about dry cooking the steak and sauteing the onions.
This helped show how we can cook things in different ways. We learned how to use different ingredients to create a chemical reaction.
We learned how to make easy desserts. We learned how to bake things.
Bananas are my favorite fruit. They are grown in Ecuador, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Honduras. They are also grown in other places.
I chose this outfit because it shows that I can look fancy and business-like. However, I would normally do my hair or put it in a ponytail to give the image of professionalism and maturity.
This corn chowder related to what we were learning because we were learning about the different kinds of vegetables and how they go together. It also shows a cheap way to make a good meal.
We made this pizza also during our vegetable lab. All the different vegetables had to fit together in a good and edible way.
We made this during our fruit lab. It also helped teach us how to decorate and give a good image.
This is a formal table setting. There is a glass for water and a class for wine. There is a spoon at the top of the plate and the first course utensils.

I manage stress typically with music. The video below (should be 3 a.m. by Gregory Alan Isakov) is an example of the calm and folky music I like to listen to. I like to keep calm most of the time and this music really helps me think and reflect about things without getting overly stressed about them. It also helps me separate and placate my emotions if needed and when needed.

We made this yummy rice pudding when we were learning about the different types of grains. Our grain was rice and we learned how to cook it and how to double cook it in milk (it was very good).
We made this oatmeal banana brulee. It taught us how to brulee sugar and how to use yogurt in oatmeal like this. It showed that we can brulee in the oven if we don't have a blowtorch.
We made homemade pasta. We learned how to mix and make the dough on a counter and then how to cut it. We were learning about grains and pastas.


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