Imperialism By: Sierra Yost 2A

What is imperialism?

Imperialism is basically a country's influential power growing by force or other means. It can also describe a stronger country taking over a weaker country.

What are some examples of imperialism?

  • The United States and Hawaiian islands
  • The United States and Puerto Rico
  • The United States and the Philippines
  • The United States and Samoa

The United States and Hawaiian Islands

In the late 1800's, the United States tried to annex the Hawaiian Islands as a treaty. It was then declined when the majority of the US senate did not approve. A few years after this decision, the U.S.S Maine exploded and the Spanish- American war began. The United States was in desperate need for a mid-pacific fueling location. They needed the Hawaiian islands. About a year had passed and finally the Hawaiian islands were annexed by the US. This caused the Hawaiian people to become very upset and revolt. The queen was arrested. The Hawaiians signed numerous petitions trying to push the point that they did not want an annexation. However, it did not do anything and the 50th star was added to the flag. Hawaii was officially United States territory.

The United States and Puerto Rico

In 1898, during the Spanish- American war, the US invaded Puerto Rico. A whole new nature was brought upon the United States. This nature was predatory and threatening. It began a mission or quest for the capitalist class to become a world power, which sprung a global division. The United States was sued and annexed from Puerto Rico and another island in the Marianas.

The United States and the Philippines

At first, the United states didn't want to take over the Philippines. They just wanted to expand their territory. Then they thought that the Philippines wanted to join the United States so they took it over. However, this was not what they wanted and a war broke out. The war killed one sixth of the population of the Philippines. Japan gained independence to the Philippines from American rule. The USA re-established control over the Philippines and released it as an independent nation.

The United States and Samoa

After the Spanish-American war, the United States wanted to reach out to more islands. They seeked the Philippines, Hawaiian islands, and Samoan islands. The Samoan islands were separated by Germany and America. They were a valuable quality to America as a refueling naval base. The United States wanted to spread their culture to Samoa before Germany had the chance to spread their ideals. America wanted to take Samoa as their own because they felt that sharing with Germany would not be easy.

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