Top 10 Best Cities To Visit In America Were I Want To Go

#10- New York City

The Statue of Liberty would be amazing to see in real life and not in just movies. The Big Apple would also be amazing to see.

#9- San Antonio, Texas

I would like to see the River walk. Visiting here would be fun.

#8- Denver, Colorado

I like going to zoos and seeing different animals. I would like to visit here to see if there are any new animals.

#7- New Orleans, Louisiana

I would like to go on the Mississippi River cruise. This would be calming and enjoyable.

#6- Anchorage, Alaska

I have never been to Alaska, and how many people get to say they went to Alaska? Alaska also has the largest indoor water park in the world.

#5-Hershey, Pennsylvania

I love chocolate. I would visit here to go to Hershey Park and Chocolate World.

#4-Los Angles, California

I would visit here to see the Walk-Of-Fame. I think this would be a amazing experience.

#3- Orlando, Florida

Visiting Florida would be a cool experience. I would like to go to the Magic Kingdom and SeaWorld.

#2-Las Vegas, Nevada

Los Vegas, Nevada has great food. I love food, and would love to visit here.

#1-Honolulu, Hawaii

I would love to visit Hawaii and lean to surf. The beautiful sandy beach would also be fun to make sand castles in.


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