Voltaire By: kayleigh bonick

Background Info. Voltaire was fighting for freedom of speech. He said "I disapprove of what you say, but i wiltl defend to the death your right to say it". This means he wanted to protect freedom of speech even if it meant him dying.He wanted people to be able to share their opinions. He fought for the basic right of humans, which is freedom of religion and speech. He also believed in the seperation of the church and state.
What Voltaire did was seperate the church and state which set one of the fiundations of America. The church didnt like that because it sent a message to the people that they didnt have to listen to what the church wanted them to do. The church was always in power but once they serperated, they lost some power. Volataire believe that the people had freedom of speech and say what they wanted.
This impacted society because it gave people freedom of speech and could say what ever they wanted no matter what the government said. His idea for freedom of the press told people that they didnt have to listen to the government when they published something. Freedom of religion was being in any religion and not sticking the religion that was "best" for the country.
Volatire was around in the early seventeen hundreds. He was born to Fran├žois - Marie Arouet a prosperous family in France.
"Life is too short, time too valuable to spend it in telling what is useless."

Voltaire was quoted saying the quote above. It means that he feels that he couldn't believe that he and others were wasting their time trying to tell the government that these are basic human rights. He fought very hard for these rights and ended up winning. These rights are rights rhat should be given to everyone.

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