Color doesn't mean crime by: Joseph Varfee

The film "Crash" was directed by Paul Haggis in 2005. It starred Ludacris, Sandra Bullock and Terrence Howard. The crash movie was really good in my opinion. It really looked at the stereotypes in our society and how it affects our lives. In the film the characters were all all negatively affected because they were being stereotyped or judging someone based off of stereotypes.

A scene from the movie that I really liked was the impenetrable coat scene because Daniel was trying to help his daughter overcome the fear of their violent neighborhood. He even used the tooth fairy to make things better for his daughter. To me it was a very great scene because it takes the attention away from the negatives of their lives and show that at the end of the day, Daniel goes home to an environment he doesn't want to be in and has to be a father and a husband and take care of his family. a scene that i disliked was when Jean stereotyped Daniel as a gang-banger because of his tattoos and ethnicity. She thought he would change the locks and give the keys to one of his "homies" so that they could come by later and rob her house, but all Daniel was doing was his job.

A character that stuck with me was definitely Daniel because even when things got out of hand, he kept his cool. When Farhad shot his daughter with blanks even though she wasn't dead, he didn't seek revenge or tried to hurt him in anyway. Daniel was a good guy throughout the whole film and never did anything bad so he was a character that I really thought stuck with me.

The situation where officer Ryan and officer Hanson pulled over Cameron and Christine was a scene I disliked, with officer Ryan being the perpetrator, Christine and Cameron being the victims and officer Hanson being the bystander. I didn't really think that there was an activist during this situation. The outcome of the situation was Christine being sexually harassed by officer Ryan which affected her later on in the film, and the officers only gave them a warning.

From the socio-economic lens we see that there is a difference in "classes" and how you are based in a class based on where you live, how you look and dress, how much money you have, and your ethnicity or at least the stereotypes about your ethnicity. From the race lens we see that there are few unfair racial stereotypes, such as Jean stereotyping Daniel as a gang-banger, or Farhad being stereotyped as a middle-eastern instead of an Indian, and Cameron's boss telling him that is characters weren't black enough.

Anthony's quote was really good one about how people who are upper class don't feel safe when they see someone who fits a stereotype walking towards them or is around them. When it comes up in the film you see Jean clench her purse as Cameron and Peter walks closer towards her, or when Daniel was in her house changing the locks. In society this happens a lot, teenage kids are stereotypes because of how they dress, where they live , who they hang around with, etc. Personally I've been stereotyped because of my skin and it's not the greatest feeling. I was at a party and a phone was stolen, immediately the owner of the phone (a white girl) started accusing all the black guys there and trying to search our pockets and bags. Things like this happen all the time. We judge someone based on stereotypes and don't feel safe around them all of a sudden, when the truth is the color of your skin doesn't mean you're a criminal, being a criminal or a bad person is your own decision. So just because a couple of black people have stolen things doesn't mean we all do.

In my opinion the ultimate thematic message is to not judge someone based off of stereotypes, society has us looking at people the wrong way and because of that it affects us daily. The film shows us that the world is cruel but we could still change it, and you see that at the end of the film when Anthony sets free all of those Asians who look like they've been through a lot. Overall the movie was great, it really touched on how we see society and what we need to do about it.

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