book report on shadow squadron long shadow

the book begins with a report log from the special ops team Shadow Squadron it list the team members name and the mission that started the whole conflict between the main charters. because in the beginning of the book there is no bad guy one of the main charters becomes the antagionst.
it starts on a covert mission where the team ends up getting shot out of the sky the plane crashes and the charter named walker wakes up in the plane he tries to sit up and cant their is a sharp pain in his shoulder he is wounded the medic who woke him up said its bad but you'll make it.
the team finds a place to hide in but the don't have much time the enemy is getting close to finding them they have to live but walker cant make it he tells the team to go on just leave him with a pistol but the medic doesn't want to leave him behind then walker starts counting down from five he says to the medic you don't want to be here when I reach one.
the medic leaves the cave and continues with the team and in the distance they hear a gunshot so they think walker killed him self but turns out that he did that to bring attention to the cave so the enemy could capture him. after that he betrays the team and becomes one of the biggest terrorist in the world
this book is has two parts so that's where the book ends the next book in the series is Phantom Sun.


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