Partnering for emergency supply chain response For several months in 2020, stakeholders in Botswana developed an Emergency Supply Chain Playbook for COVID-19 response and much more

The Emergency Supply Chain (ESC) Playbook is a USAID-funded tool designed to assist in preparedness and response to infectious diseases, including coordination of people and processes, managing commodity distribution and delivery of needed commodities.

The Botswana team consists of the Ministry of Health and Wellness, Central Medical Stores, Botswana Post, USAID and GHSC-PSM. The team met weekly to work towards agreements on multiple aspects of emergency response, including governance and organizational structures, funding and finance, triggers, warehousing, commodity forecasting and planning, procurement and sourcing, and data visibility.

Teamwork on Triggers moves from conception to final.

In October 2020, their activities culminated with an in-person and virtual simulation exercise where both local and international stakeholders tested the playbook components developed over the preceding months. 32 people attended in person and seven virtually.

Participation at the simulation exercise was both in-person and virtual and followed all public health guidelines for COVID prevention.

The playbook defines organizational roles, coordinates people and processes, commodity distribution management and delivery through existing supply-chain networks. It includes a management checklist, ESC preparedness overview, response job aids and a quick response guide.

Examples of documents from Botswana's ESC playbook.
"The ESC framework tool allows us to be proactive. It provides guidance so that we can be proactive and ensure that commodities are available." Ms. Keletso Israel, Central Medical Stores Manager
"The information has been available in the ministry, but not very accessible. The playbook brought it all together so that we can find all the information we want." Dr. Mmakgomo Raesima, Program Manager, National Cervical Cancer Prevention Program, Ministry of Health and Wellness

The ESC Playbook will serve as an essential tool for supporting the country leadership with strategic information related to commodity planning, utilization and resource allocation. The playbook can support the hospitals, clinics, and treatment centers with information towards providing quality patient care, even under the most dire of circumstances.

Recognizing Botswana's success with the playbook, theĀ GHSC-PSM program in Mozambique will learn from their colleagues as they prepare to implement the ESC playbook there.

For more information, please go to www.ghsupplychain.org/ESC-Preparedness-Response