Think and Wonder Mrs. Browning's GT and Enrichment class

Hide not your talents. They for use were made. What's a sundial in the shade? – Benjamin Franklin.

We've been pushing ourselves to try new things and use our talents in new and exciting ways. Whether it is in 5th grade genius hour projects, 2nd-4th grade math questions, or reading articles to discover how facts and opinions shape our understanding, students are thinking, wondering, and finding ways to use their talents.

Language Arts

Tree Maps to show our thinking about the facts and opinions we found in an article.
Generalizations based on what we discussed, read, and learned about facts and opinions.

In second and third grade we are shifting this semester toward more non-fiction reading after our fables, myths, and folktales from the Jacob's ladder high level comprehension skills we've been doing. Using news articles and written debates we are finding facts and opinions, learning how they get used and how they can strengthen or weaken an argument. It's been so fun to have deep conversations with these deep thinking students about what truly makes something a fact or an opinion. In fourth grade we're continuing our study of how patterns and cycles are used in literature. Lately we've looking at the cycle of generosity and gratitude as well as the home-away-home pattern. Fourth graders are getting excited about their individual novel choices where they'll read and report back to us on what cycles and patterns they see.

In all grades we're weaving in vocabulary study this semester. Focusing on the building blocks of our English language the Greek and Latin roots, prefixes, and suffixes. Students are enjoying studying where these words come from and becoming neologists by creating new words themselves.

Fifth Grade

Students have wrapped up their genius hour projects and are in the process of self-reflecting on the process, their experience, and their learning. Students are currently writing reflections. Meanwhile we are getting ready for the annual Shakespeare after school activity with Mr. Hart by studying the language of Shakespeare and some of the new words he's added to English, how Iambic pentameter works, inverted sentence structure, and his funny and unusual insults.


Don't Let It Break! In 2nd grade students are working on number sense, operations, and multi-step word problems to use facts to determine how much stress a situation can take until it breaks. These involve multiplication, fractions, division and large number addition and subtraction problems... it's so fun to see how these students figure out ways to solve these problems even when they aren't sure how to use the math-y way we adults might first go to. In 3rd and 4th grade we've just finished doing some astronomy math. We looked at how mass and weight are different measurements and why weight would measure differently on other planets or stars than on Earth. We also learned how to multiply with decimals when calculating our weight in outer space places. Next up.. fraction studies.

Have A Lovely February!!!

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